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Sony SmartBand Life Tracker Now Available In The US


Sony came out with their waterproof SmartBand earlier this year at CES. And now the device is available in the US for $99.99 via their website or retail stores.

The SmartBand is, according to Sony, a life tracker and not an activity tracker. It monitors your daily exercise and sleep patterns, while also giving you alerts for incoming calls, texts, and tweets and it allows you to note weather, photos, and music. The device, compatible with Android 4.4 devices (there’s a companion app), will also vibrate when out of the range of its paired smartphone.

If you are going for the device you will get a removable white “Core” along with two adjustable black wristbands.

As you might know, the US and the Chinese markets are no longer main targets for Sony Mobile. The company will focus and roll out products in other markets first and that is why the SmartBand was launched in Europe earlier this year with a price tag of 99 euros.

So, are you interested in Sony’s new wearable tech? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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