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Whales Exhaling Rainbows (GIFs)


Whales are awesome. As you probably know, the whale species include the blue whale which is the largest animal known to have existed on the planet. Although whales live in the water, they breathe air. And whales can sing. So many cool things to say about whales and now we can add one more into the list – breathing rainbows.

Yes, you read that right. From the looks of things, whales can literally exhale rainbows. Just check out all the GIFs that have been doing the rounds on the Web recently.

















They are real alright. And according to The Dodo, no other animal is capable of producing a rainbow by exhaling. “When whales surface to breathe, air passes in and out of their blowholes like an explosion, sending up tall clouds of vapor along with it.” Rainbows are formed when the vapor comes out.




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  1. Laura c walker

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful rainbows!! Today is one of my Best Friends Birthday and every year I share a new and beautiful rainbow that is captured that day. These rainbows symbolize something so deep I can’t even explain but let’s just say it is the one thing that she looks forward to every year and you have been a part of this magical moment. So my greatest appreciation goes to you for posting this beautiful moment!! Smiles for miles to you :)

    • That’s great :) Happy Birthday to your friend and thanks for the wonderful comment. And by the way, today is my mom’s birthday also. I will surely tell her about your comment.

      Thanks again.

      Leo :)

  2. Everyone loves a good “Rainbow Blow”! Our guests see them when they travel with us to swim with the humpback whales on the Silver Bank in the Dominican Republic. The rainbow blows always bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

    The rainbows are formed when sunlight refracts through the water droplets that are expelled and propelled upward by the whale’s powerful exhalation. That refraction is the same as the refraction of light through rain drops that causes a regular rainbow.

    Fun post!

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