Google Winter Wonderlabs Holiday Showrooms Coming to City Near You

It looks like those shipping containers in SF Bay aren’t the only showroom that Google has planned. For this holiday shopping season, Google has announced that it will be popping up special Winter Wonderlabs showrooms in six major US cities: New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paramus (New Jersey), and Sacramento.

Yes, that doesn’t quite cover the entirety of the United States, but these kinds of things rarely do. What you can expect when you enter one of the “Winter Wonderlabs” erected by Google is a showroom where they’ll be letting you demo the Nexus 7 tablet, some Chromebook computers, and the Chromecast streaming device.

Strangely enough, unlike the stores put up by Microsoft, Apple and Samsung, you can’t actually buy anything at these Google pop-up shops. They’re just showrooms, so should you decide that you really want that new Chromebook, you’ll need to hop online to buy it. And then wait for it to ship to your door. Given that Google doesn’t have much in terms of a brick and mortar presence anywhere, these Winter Wonderlabs are as close as you’re going to get.

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