SmartThings Bolsters Internet of Things Development with $12.5 Million in Funding

The Internet of Things describes the movement toward having a variety of household objects that can then be controlled by your smartphone. These gadgets would be connected to the Internet, so you can have true remote control of your thermostat, door locks, room lights and so on. It’s a really nifty idea that’s really gaining in popularity.

SmartThings is a company that provides a platform for the Internet of Things and they have just received $12.5 million in Series A funding. The cash infusion comes by way of 3,000 investors and developers who really want to see this happen. They want to make your smartphone work for everything in your life,” said SmartThings CEO and cofounder Alex Hawkinson.

What SmartThings offers is a cloud-based infrastructure that developers can then tap into for their various connected devices. A development kit is available from SmartThings for $200 and they hope to have an app store of sorts at some point in the future. The Internet of Things movement includes products like the Nest thermostat and the WeMo line from Belkin.

It’s going to take time for the Internet of Things to become a mainstream thing, but we’re getting that much closer to just about everyone having the smart home seen in sci-fi movies.

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