Roadless Wheel System Adapts to Any On-Road or Off-Road Terrain


Let’s say that you have 17-inch wheels on your car. If you wanted to go bigger or smaller, you would have to replace the whole wheel and tire combo. That may not be the case with graduate student Ackeem Ngwenya sees his roadless wheel system concept become a reality.

The idea with this all-terrain wheel assembly is that it is completely flexible. You can have a larger wheel with a narrower tread when the terrain calls for it, but when you turn the screw, that same wheel can shrink down its diameter and create a wider tread for a different kind of terrain. The Roadless system, as its name implies, is best suited for rural applications where off-roading is far more necessary.


Instead of set-radius spokes, this system uses a series of rod networks that are attached to the axle. They can then fold and flex out to provide wider and narrower tread as needed. It works much like a scissor jack, but inside of your tire.

Check the video below from Ackeem to get a better idea of how Roadless came to be and how it adjusts to shifting terrain conditions.


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