At Least 3,000 Nexus 5 Units Sitting in Carphone Warehouse Inventory?

All rumors are pointing toward an October 31 announcement of the new Google Nexus 5 with the official launch coming the next day. And it looks like Carphone Warehouse is ready to capitalize on that demand starting on day one.

A sneaky spyshot of the inventory screen from Carphone Warehouse in the UK seems to show that the “LGNEXUSWHIT” is in stock in the warehouse and they’ve got 1500 units ready to ship out to excited Android fans. Word is that they have the same number of black Nexus 5 phones kicking around too, bringing the total to 3,000 units.

The screenshot shows the phones are currently helpd at the Wednesbury warehouse, which has been confirmed as a real Carphone Warehouse location. Of course, this could be a mildly elaborate hoax or someone who works at Carphone is just messing with us. Whatever the case, the Nexus 5 launch sure seems imminent and it really couldn’t come any sooner.

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