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Scentee Smelly Smartphone Notifications for iPhone and Android?

When you get a Facebook update, text message or whatever else on your smartphone, you probably get a notification. For most people, this could be an audible alert like a beep. Maybe you have your phone set to vibrate, so it buzzes. And many phones have a notification light too, but there’s one sense that has been ignored in all of this: smell.

What we have here is Scentee, the solution to a problem that no one had. When your buddy sends you a message over BBM, the Scentee will spritz out a burst of fragrance. The guys at Engadget are thinking bacon, but I’ll leave the smell up to your imagination.

The Scentee itself is a small accessory that will plug into the headphone jack on your iPhone or Android. When the companion app receives a notification, the Scentee lights up and spurts out a smell. You can choose from rose, mint, cinnamon roll, coffee, curry, lavender, apple, strawberry or even corn syrup. And yes, bacon made the list too. There’s also a limited edition version with baked potato.

It makes zero sense, even if it makes all sorts of scents. The accessory, made by a company called Shift, has been in development since 2010 and it will launch via Amazon Japan on November 15. Each capsule lasts for 100 bursts with extra capsules selling for $5.



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  1. If they are for home use I have no problem with it. If they make them portable I have a big problem with it. Many people are sensitive to perfumes, and many with lung problems can’t be around them. If these things are portable then they will be the next cigarettes to be put out if public places, it’s just not acceptable to walk around spritzing perfume everywhere.

  2. Just last week, I was wistfully lamenting the lack of an iPhone app that generates the scent of hot bacon grease.

    What would be really awesome would be for the device to be able to release multiple scents that the user could customize to their Contacts list. For example, perhaps you could set your smartphone to spew the odor of flatulence whenever your ex-wife calls.

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