Video: Aeromobil Version 2.5 Flying Car Brings Us Closer to Jetsons Territory


Way back in 1940, Henry Ford predicted this day: “Mark my word: A combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come.” And now it’s here, in the form of the Aeromobil by Slovak designer Stefan Klein.

He’s been working on his flying car prototype for about 20 years and now Aeromobile Version 2.5 has made its maiden airborne voyage, all captured in the video embedded below. What’s great is that it’s a car that doubles as a plane. The wings fold in, so you can fit on the road, but the propeller activates and the wings fold out when you want to take to the skies.


Power comes by way of a 100hp Rotax 912 water-cooled engine behind the two seats and then drive shafts lead to the propeller and to the front wheels. You’ll also notice that there are two steering wheels: the larger one is for the road and the smaller one is for the air. The whole rig, without passengers and fuel, weighs just 450 kilos. For comparison, a Ford Fiesta is over 1,000 kilos. What’s more, it’ll take the regular gas you normally pump into your normal car, not requiring special aviation fuel.


No, the “flight” doesn’t get very far off the ground, but it’s still quite the feat. Here’s looking forward to version 3.0 and even loftier aspirations.

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