Updated Google TOS Lets Them Use Your Name, Photo and Endorsement in Ads

Do no evil… unless it helps you push product. In that case, feel free exploit as many people as you like. It seems that this has slowly but surely become Google’s way of doing business, because the search engine giant has once again updated its Terms of Service.

Under the update, if you went ahead and clicked on a +1 for a product, Google can then use that “implied endorsement” in display advertising, along with your user name and profile photo. If you +1′d the new Nexus 7 tablet, for example, Google can then use your name and image in ads that it displays to your friends, telling them that you effectively endorse the product. Your +1s can also show up in search results.

You can opt out of this through the Shared Endorsements Settings page in your Google profile, but the default setting is to allow Google to do what they want with your +1s, user name and profile pic. What’s strange is that even if you opt out, Google can still use your name and picture in Google Play for advertising in there.

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