Video: Meet the Real Life Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

131009-delorean-640x355 Video: Meet the Real Life Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

There are few movie series in American cinema that are quite as the iconic as Back to the Future, and there are few vehicles that have become quite as iconic as the DeLorean. Lenny Hochteil may look like any other suburban dad, but he is the man who has put together a new perfect replica of the DeLorean Time Machine driven by Doc Brown himself.

If you were to go out and buy a DMC DeLorean back in the early 1980s, it’d cost you about $20,000 or $25,000. You can spend the same amount of money today to get a DeLorean too, but then you have to throw another $20,000 or so to convert it into the Time Machine, complete with flux capacitor, gullwing doors, flashing buttons and the rest of it.

It’s not the fastest or most comfortable car in the world, but you have to admit this DeLorean time machine is pretty darn special. Unfortunately, even if you manage to get this baby up to 88 miles per hour, you probably won’t see some serious stuff. It won’t jump through time and you won’t see Marty McFly with his Hoverboard. It’ll just keep cruising along at 88mph, but you’ll have a giant smile on your face.

Michael Kwan

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