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Dell Announces New Tablets, Including Two Android Devices


Today Dell announced a few new tablets, both running Windows and Android – all under their “Venue” brand. First, let us take a look at their premium offering, the Dell Venue 11 Pro. This Surface Pro competitor starts at $499.99 and comes with a 10.8-inch 1080p display, a new Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, a full-size USB 3 port, and a battery that is rated for about 11 hours of life.

While the Atom processor might not be as good as what Microsoft gives us, the price is certainly compelling. It’s also worth mentioning that the 11 Pro also has accessories similar to the Surface, such as a fabric-mounted keyboard that also works as a magnetic stand. There’s even a clamshell dock to give you a more laptop-like feel.

Still can’t get past the lack of a higher-end processor? Dell will also allow you to up the processor to as high as a fanless Core i5 Haswell with a max of 8GB of RAM and 256GB solid storage. Obviously doing this brings the price up, though.

For those on a budget, there’s also the Windows powered $299.99 Venue 8 Pro. This Windows 8.1 tablet features an 8-inch display, a high-res display, micro-USB, a micro-Sim slot, micro-SD card reader and 32 or 64GB storage.

Looking for something even cheaper? That’s where the Venue 7 and Venue 8 come in, with both having the Android operating system onboard. When it is coming to specs, you get an older Clover Trail 2Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM, 10 hours battery, microSD and 16GB storage on both models. The bigger 8-inch model also has a better camera and a few other minor differences.

How much will these tablets cost you? $149.99 for the Venue 7, or $179.99 for the Venue 8.Not a bad line up of new devices, but is it enough to win them over some new fans in the tablet world?



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  1. susanwhitelynsw

    Another series of tablets to launch this week offer impressive performance and very competitive pricing– as Ramos Technology has partnered with Intel to introduce the i-Series with 8″, 9″, 10″ and 12″ size models($189-$299); and all feature HD displays and Intel’s new CloverTrail+ processor with Hyper-Threading technology — which runs four threads simultaneously and offers solid performance.

    The most compact model is the Ramos i8 ($189) — which is the world’s thinnest 8″ tablet… and offers a stylish and sleek design, along with the durability of an aluminum-nickel frame.

    The new Ramos i8 compares to Dell’s Venue 8″ tablet, matching most features, including an Intel processor and 7.9″ HD screen. A key advantage to an 8-inch tablet is it’s still compact and easy to carry, but compared to the more traditional 7″ tablet size, offers 40% more screen area, which makes a significant difference to make viewing content much easier…

    One of the first with more details on the new Ramos i-Series of Android tablets is –Tab l e t Sp r i nt

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