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Control Any Device With Your Smartphone By Using Batthead Batteries (Video)


There are a lot of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled devices out there that can be turned on and off with your smartphone, but there’s no need for your devices to feature Wi-Fi or Bluetooth support if they are using Batthead batteries.

Battheads are Bluetooth-controlled, AA-sized rechargeable NIMH batteries with the ability to connect to your smartphones using a Bluetooth Smart Chip. Other than being able to switch on/off devices with your smartphone, your smartphone can even notify you if you unknowingly left your Batthead-powered device somewhere.

Still not enough features for you? Battheads can also turn on/off depending on the time of day, proximity to the phone or even depending on the ambient temperature. Then there are Battheads with an accelerometer, so when you move the batteries they will detect it. A device having this battery could come alive when you pick it up or turn off when it’s not being moved for a few minutes.

The smartphone app (iOS and Android versions are coming) will detect which set of batteries is being used in a device. So there will be no issues when you are charging one set and using another in a device. But we are not sure how the app deals with things when multiple sets of batteries are used simultaneously in many devices.

Interested in these unique batteries? Battheads will only reach production if the funding goal is met over at Kickstarter. If you pledge 19 CAD (US$18.40), you can get a Batthead without an accelerometer provided their funding campaign is a success.



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  1. – Read the HeadLine.. Interest & Excitement approx. B
    – Read first paragraph, about to Start the Video solid B+
    – After watching 2 mins of Video .. regrettably C –

  2. “multiple sets of batteries are used in many devices”

    You would never put more than one of these in a device. Devices with multiple batteries run them in an electrical “series circuit”, meaning that if one battery disrupts the current, no current flows whatsoever. So, you can use these along with regular batteries. Even if these batteries have half the charge as regular batteries, the fact that you would only be replacing 1 of the (maybe 4) would still give you (7/8) of the overall charge.

  3. Good idea but what about battery life and self-discharge rate? They’re devoting a good fraction of the battery’s volume to electronics instead of . . . well . . . battery. PLUS the bluetooth antenna/electronics must always draw power in order for the thing to work.

    I don’t see how they could avoid these batteries having a VERY short life.

  4. very useful

  5. johnny titscara

    Honestly, the part where the dad killed the toys made me LOL. Unfortunately you are not seeing many devices these days that use AA battery? other than kids toys. Great Idea though, will still BANK!

  6. Chrishaun Byrom

    that’s fucked on dad’s part ! but cool nonetheless

  7. Xincontriadulti Incontrii

    Great stuff!

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