New York Introducing “Text Stops” in Effort to Reduce Texting-Related Car Accidents


Texting while driving is not only extremely dangerous, but it is a trend that is increasing rapidly. According to Texting and Driving Safety, 23% of automobile accidents in the United States are now attributed to cellphones. That’s 1.3 million crashes!

With that in mind, New York is hoping to buck this negative trend by reaching out to texting drivers and making it clear that not only can it wait – but that they have a safe place for texting nearby. New York will start introducing signs for so-called “Texting Zones” immediately, adding a total of 298 signs along major highways across the entire state.

Wondering how much this initiative will cost the state? Not much beyond the cost of the signs, as these “texting zones” are merely existing truck stops, rest stops and special parking areas. Still, the idea is that by clearly mentioning these zones are only miles away and are ‘safe to text’, New York hopes to save some lives and reduce texting-related auto accidents.

While this actually work? Maybe it’s the pessimist in me, but I doubt it. Folks that text and drive likely feel their messages are important – and also probably won’t be willing to wait a few miles to check them out. Hopefully I’m wrong though, and I still applaud New York for at least trying something different in order to hopefully better tackle the texting-and-driving problem.

What do you think, are these signs a good idea? Will they make any difference at all?

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  1. Dave Quinn says:

    You’ve got to start somewhere…I think that over time more people may just wait and pull over to these “Text Stop” areas. It took a long long time before seat belts become law…Henry Ford was told he should put seat belts in his cars and he thought it was stupid…then generations later it became a law.

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