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Omate TrueSmart In Trouble?


The Omate TrueSmart is a smartwatch currently raising funds over at Kickstarter. The watch is so popular that they have already raised more than $684,000 ($100,000 was the target) with 9 days to go.

The Omate TrueSmart will arrive with:

  • 1.3 GHz dual-core Cortex A7 CPU
  • Android 4.2.2
  • 1.54-inch 240 x 240 TFT display
  • Multi-touch Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 2G/3G/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 4.0/GPS
  • 5 MP cam
  • Speaker & mic
  • 512MB + 4GB of internal storage (supports 8/16/32GB microSD cards)
  • Micro SIM slot
  • 600mAh battery (100 hours standby)
  • Messaging Hub: SMS/MMS/Email/SNS
  • G-sensor (Accelerometer), E-Compass, Gyroscope, IP67

The watch can be used with a smartphone or as a fully standalone device. They are saying that TrueSmart will be capable of downloading and installing apps all by itself.

It is said to be coming with Google Play Store support, but that’s where the problem has been spotted by Kevin Barry from TeslaCoil. The smartwatch features a 240x240p display (ldpi: 320x320dp), which is not enough to pass the Play Store’s CTS (Compatibility Test Suite). It should be at least 426x320dp for getting the official Play Store support. Of course, the company can unofficially find ways to run Play Store on the smartwatch, but that would end up making Google mad and could cause additional problems (read: lawsuits?) for the company.


But no one knows what’s happening here. Omate might be ignorant about Google’s rules (or maybe they know about an upcoming change of rules) or the search giant might have given the company permission to add Play Store support to TrueSmart. We will keep you updated on the matter, so stay tuned.

Do you think that Omate will go for unofficial ways to bring Play Store to their device? Will you buy the device if it doesn’t ship with Play Store?



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  1. Great to read everyone’s support on this issue!! We do hope it would be resolved soon as smartwatch continues to boom in demand. Smartwatch is a product category that is not top-down defined, rather Smartwatch is growing bottom-up by user demand. So we fully understand it takes time to change paradigms to react to this change development.

    We are negotiating with Google to make TrueSmart the first Google certified smartwatch, if the negotiations does not have a successful outcome in time for shipment, we will still provide a easy to use way for users to access play store – we are careful about the wording of this so as not to affect the negotiations, but internally we know and we made the decision to provide access to play apps store. We may have gotten over-excited with the announcement, perhaps we shouldn’t have. Hope you will understand that it is a very important decision for us and users as well. In the long run, it’s good for Google to support smartwatch screen sizes (more than 95% of the apps are working without any re-work). We would like to work with Google in moving Smartwatches ahead as a legitimate screensize. It is not only TrueSmart, it is all smartwatches and we come in friendly terms. If we are unable to come to an official agreement in time, we are still confident we can provide access to play store even for the average user (without having a complex procedure).

    Smartwatch is new. We didn’t get here on a straight road, and we are also willing to move forward and talking to everyone from industry leaders, community leaders, users, developers to encourage everyone to move forward with us in Smartwatch 2.0. We hope we have community support in this issue, because it would make a huge difference if we don’t even have community support on this.

  2. Eemeli Saarelainen

    >Do you think that Omate will go for unofficial ways to bring Play Store to their device? Will you buy the device if it doesn’t ship with Play Store?

    I don’t think the company will go for unofficial ways to bring Play Store, but the developer community will. It’s already in the works in case the official support is a no-no. Google also does not permit square displays in their CTS and that is just artificial.

  3. I agree with “Chris”. I don’t think Omate has to go unofficial ways to use play store. I think they are already in work with google and hopefully by the time they start to ship their product in October they will something solid about the play store. By the way I already got the developer version of truesmart and will have it in October.

  4. The smartwatch business is now starting to boom, and I seriously doubt Google will choose to ignore this fact. The Omate TrueSmart smart watch is simply the best SmartWatch compared to all the existing, soon-to-be-released, or announced Smartwatches. It is the first such device to be also a standalone phone, with a full Android in its heart, and it will really shape the market.

    In short: 100% I am going for it ! There is nothing else that even compares !

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