Convert Your Smartphone to an Oculus Rift with These Gadgets

For many kids (and gadget and/or sci-fi geeks) growing up, the idea of having your own personal 3D virtual reality headset was a bit of a dream, but thanks to products like the Oculus Rift, they’ve become much more of a reality. But what if you could take your existing smartphone or tablet and effectively turn it into a 3D VR headset in its own right? Two new products on Kickstarter are working toward precisely that goal.

Think about it. Everything that you really need for a 3D virtual reality experience is already contained in your smartphone. You’ve got a fast processor, a high resolution display, and whole array of sensors like gyroscopes and accelerometers. What these two products do is capitalize on that existing technology, sliding your smartphone or tablet into a head-mounted device. Boom, 3D virtual reality.

The 360specs and the vrAse are very similar in design. Your display is then basically split in two (think split-screen multiplayer) so that each eye sees a slightly different image; thus, you get 3D vision. Presumably, things can be coded via the provided SDKs so that it can track your head movements and give you that 3D virtual reality experience.

Check out the Kickstarter projects for 360specs and vrAse for more details. They have similar funding goals of $100,000 and £55,000, respectively, with a little over a month to go.

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  1. Kaywood Parsons says:

    Is this just the goggles or do it come with software to split the screen. oculus rift has split screen. So how can you aquire the effect into your game. I am interested in purchasing one but just want an understanding that it will work for me. i play Warthunder which I really love and i am big flight sim player. War thunder has added the oculus rift to the game now in the options panel. yu can just select it or deselect it. Question is, if I used your headset and my LG phone would it work? Thanks

  2. cObvious says:

    People that think their phone can do anything, are stupid.

  3. SebastianAction says:

    This is pretty far behind the oculus rift. Smart phones do not currently possess the power to run stereoscopic displays at 60fps. This translates to visable latency which translates to nausea.

    • John Krisfalusci says:

      It’s not running steroscopic at 60fps, it’s split in two at a slightly off-image to give the ‘illusion’ of stereoscopic at a capable 60fps. Big difference here… =(

  4. John Krisfalusci says:

    Why not give a D-I-Y tutorial instead of just asking for money for a how to? Sheesh.. how selfish can people get these days? =(

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