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Nintendo Announces the 2DS, an Odd Shaped Cheaper Alternative to the 3DS


Nintendo is gearing up for the holiday season and wants to create an ultra cheap handheld to attract parents looking for a bargain. The solution? This goofy looking thing you see in the image above.

Dubbed the “Nintendo 2DS”, it is essentially an ordinary 3DS but it does away with the familiar clamshell approach in favor of an odd wedge shape. Oh, and the 3D feature of course gone in this el-cheapo’ variant.At $129.99 ($40 cheaper than the 3DS), the 2DS can still play everything the 3DS can, meaning both 3DS and DS cartridges – so in that sense, it’s actually a pretty good deal if you aren’t that into 3D.

You might be wondering why the hell Nintendo removed the clamshell. The answer is that it saves cost. Not that creating a hinge adds much to the price, the real savings is in the 2DS’ display. While bits of the case give the illusion of having dual-screens, the 2DS is actually packing just one (larger) display.

For those wondering, the 2DS still includes all the other goodies found in the 3DS like the eShop and Wi-Fi support. So when will it arrive? October 12th, though we can’t see this becoming a massive hit. If Nintendo had managed to pull a $99 price tag, things certainly might have been different.What do you think of the 2DS, good idea or not?



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