White Xbox One Certainly Looks Nice – But You May Never Actually See It


Microsoft’s Xbox One console in black is certainly gorgeous, but it seems that people might rush in to get the pretty white version of the gaming console – if it was available on the market. Unfortunately, the stunning white version of the Xbox One is said to only be available to select people working at Microsoft. Who knows, there is always Ebay we suppose.

The image above was spotted at the NeoGAF forum and if the info in it is correct, the special edition Xbox One will be offered for free to full-timers (as of July 12th 2013) in Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business who are still working at the company at the console’s launch. Furthermore, the lucky few people will also get one year of Xbox Live and all first-party games. Quite a perk, right?

Of course the white console could be the work of a Photoshop expert, though Microsoft has gifted phones and tablets to employees before. What are your thoughts about this rumored white version of the Xbox One? Would you have gone for it if it was available on sale?

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  1. guest says:

    It’s amazing. Hopefully they surprise us with it at launch or at least in 12 months.

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