Best Buy ‘Google Glass’ Rumor Debunked

Best Buy ‘Google Glass’ Rumor Debunked


glass-640x360 Best Buy 'Google Glass' Rumor Debunked

Just yesterday we reported on a rumor that Best Buy and Google might be entering into an agreement to bring a massive 6000 square foot Glass experience to select stores. Now the rumor looks to already be dead. Wow, that was quick.The death blow to the rumor comes from Google Glass’ Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Chris Dale via Twitter.

cdale Best Buy 'Google Glass' Rumor Debunked

The tweet is pretty clear, Glass isn’t coming to Best Buy in 2014, as the rumor previously claimed. In the same tweet, Dale also debunked the previous rumor that was floating around claiming Glass would be priced at $299.

So how much will Glass really cost, and will there still be some from of retail presence somewhere? For now, all we can do is speculate. What do you think – how much would you be willing to pay for Google’s Glass?

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