Hang Your Unused Power Cords with DCI Plug Out Plug Organizer

Hang Your Unused Power Cords with DCI Plug Out Plug Organizer



We all have a habit of leaving things plugged into the wall, even when we don’t want to use them. I know this is the case with my phone charger. I just leave it there, so it’s really fast when I want to grab the other end of the USB cable for a top-up. But this creates the problem of vampire power and the wasting of electricity.

I could just unplug, but I could end up with a tangled mess of cables. Organizing those plugs is the DCI Plug Out. Coming in a pack of two, they’re a simple silicon holder that attaches to your wall using double-sided adhesive tape. Then, when you unplug something from the wall, you can simply hang the plug on one of the hooks.


You shouldn’t be using this for anything particular heavy, so it might not be smart for those larger brick-style plugs, but regular wall plugs shouldn’t be a problem. The Plug Out comes in a variety of colors and you can see how they can be just as useful for organizing USB cables and other computer cables. A pack of two sells for $7.99 through Amazon, including super saver shipping when your order totals at least $25.