Over 100,000 People Sign Up for One-Way Trip to Mars

The so-called space race led to man first stepping foot on the moon and later establishing the International Space Station. And programs like SpaceX are pushing for increased space tourism, but all of those travelers return back to terra firma at some point. That’s not what’s going to happen with the Mars One project.

Instead, Mars One is seeking to colonize the red planet started in 2022 and the project needs volunteers. The thing is that these volunteers will never return to Earth. Instead, they’re signing up for a one-way ticket to Mars where they will work to establish some sort of permanent residence and begin research. So far, more than 100,000 people have offered to take on this mission, which includes an eight-year training program.

Applications are open to all nationalities, but the people behind Mars One will naturally be very selective with who they send to the red planet. This is a very ambitious project and the funds simply cannot be wasted. The application fee in the United States is a paltry $36 and it’s only $15 in Mexico. The fee is based on the GDP of the applicant’s home country; you just have to be at least 18 years old to give it a go.

Naturally, there are all sorts of risks. The brave pilgrims will have to set up the proper equipment to provide them with water, air and food. What’s more, they will be exposed to as much radiation as the maximum amount allowed for a NASA astronaut’s entire career. It’s one thing to send the Curiosity Rover on a one-way trip to Mars. It’s another thing altogether to send a group of humans to colonize the place.

You can apply now at Mars-One.com. It’s also there that you can see the videos of current applicants.

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  1. GPR says:

    Okay…I saw the list of volunteers…it really scared me. I believe that such an expedition should be engaged by professionals and people with well balanced stable minds. Otherwise it could end in disaster.

  2. Mombasa69 says:

    Who the f*** would want a one way ticket to Mars?

  3. The Observer says:

    I would not let people touch my high tech equipment who have a death wish.

  4. Hello says:

    Think of the internet once we inhabit mars in 3000!

  5. melvin lafleur says:

    my biggest fear would be being stuck with religious people.

  6. Christelle says:

    These people are crazy! Risking their lives? Really? What if this doesn’t work out? One-way trip? With nothing! Does these people really know what and where they want to go? On a planet with nothing on it? Oh my gosh!

  7. doogiehouserMD says:

    im sure they will be welding on mars im a deff shoe in

  8. Alien_man says:

    Crazyness! No doctors, no dentists etc etc, if you come down with anything it’s tough tits! I can see this turning into some sort of horror story where one of them goes mad or something. When you go on holiday you always miss home in the end. At least when you go on holiday your still on earth, and not some crazy arse red planet with nothing on it. I wonder if they will still be able to watch TV!

    • Paul says:

      I’m sure the TV won’t be a problem – will have about 5 hour delay though -))))) I think the main problem will be just PLAIN WATER and then FOOD as well as Oxygen,

      To be honest I can’t possibly imagine how one can settle a planet which is not suitable for the human being, if that was a similar to Earth one – then that’s fine, no problems we can settle there, but Mars……

    • Thurak says:

      Well, how to get water: Recycle it, also there is ice on Mars.
      Food: Grow it.
      Oxygen: Covert from CO2 to O2 with plants

      Mars has an atmosphere mostly of CO2, although it is a much lower pressure than Earth it could be compressed and used to fill sealed habitation modules, then using plants it could be converted into oxygen.

      You would need protection from the low pressure on Mars because your blood, and any other fluids in your body, will boil, because at a lower pressure boiling temperature is lower and on Mars your body temperature is enough to boil water.

  9. bwims says:

    Interesting that it is cheaper for Mexicans. Is this a cunning way to deal with illegal immigrants?

  10. Jason says:

    people dont realize how horrible of a situation this is going to be for them. I hope they show people’s horrible deaths on the show.

    • richardhiramgrady says:

      What a shortsighted and macabre thing to say. I am truly grateful there are people willing to take risks such as this for the advancement and betterment of a larger cause. If the whole the humanity were more concerned with personal safety and a desire to see others fail, such as yourself, we would certainly be doomed to extinction. Do you actually believe that you are the only person that realizes the risks involved? Somehow you have it all figured out and they’re all idiots? Clearly if they knew the risks they’d be too scared to go, like yourself right? Or is it possible that many of the applicants realize the inherent dangers… but they are willing to take the risk anyway?

  11. sausage says:

    Are at least maintaining a male to female balance, otherwise this could be a very failed experiment

  12. zach says:

    maybe we should fix the planet that has raised us before we try to spend millions of dollars to leave it and work on another.

  13. Thor says:

    If you are someone suicidal, please sign up, we do not want to loose you. Go this instead.

  14. giovanni says:

    Sign me up. Zimmy loves space :)

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