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TextNow MVNO Cellular Service Starts at Just $19 a Month!


It looks like a new MVNO is in town! You might already be aware of the free texting/messaging app “TextNow”, now it looks like they are stepping things up a notch by by offering a new VoIP service that utilizes the Sprint Network and seems somewhat similar to Republic Wireless.

Where TextNow differs from RW is that instead of relying on Wi-Fi as much as possible, TextNow uses its existing IP-based text and VOiP infrastructure to make calls directly through Sprint’s Mobile broadband service. It also works through Wi-Fi, but even then still requires the use of the TextNow app.

Pricing for TextNow service is also very affordable at just $18.99 for 500MB data and 750 rollover minutes. Looking for more data and/or minutes? A $26.99 monthly plan ups you to 1GB data and 1,250 rollover minutes. There’s also a $39.99 per month option that includes 2GB of data and 2,000 minutes. All plans have unlimited texts and incoming calls, as well as call forwarding, caller ID and visual voicemail.

What kind of phones work with TextNow? Currently you have two choices, both of which are refurbished. The first choice is the Samsung Nexus S for $89.99. The second is the Galaxy S2 for $119.99. Unfortunately the company does not support the ability to bring your own device, at least for now.

So what do you think? Sound like something you’d be interested in, or would you rather stick to a more traditional carrier approach?



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  1. “Service Starts at Just $19 a Month!”

    Where have I seen that price before? Oh, wait, that is what republic wireless charges me each month for their service.

    Can you believe these morons are so lacking in imagination they had to COPY the exact price?


    • Whenever you see something in the market priced the same, one obviously copied another, right? Every company must find a price that isn’t being used by another company otherwise it is copying. That makes a lot of sense, Tom.

      In reality, the price is $18.99 and that is the lowest price that makes financial sense for us. It happens to be the lowest price that makes sense for Republic too.

      • My bad. Your price is actually less than that of republic wireless…by one cent.

        Although I am a satisfied RW customer, I wish you guys every success. Why? Because it will spur RW to do more to bring the service to a higher level, and that is a good thing.

        For a few pennies less, you could have come up with an eye-catching price and a story behind it: “You may be wondering how we came up with $18.88 as our monthly fee. Our Chinese friends told us that the number 8 was a lucky number, that it brings good fortune, so we…briefly…considered $88.88 but realized that most people might prefer $18.88. Do you agree?”

        One thing both companies should realize is that people are using their cellphones _less_ on the internet. It doesn’t meaning they are accessing the internet less, just that the usage has shifted over to tablets. The larger screen does make a difference.

  2. Don in Tucson AZ a RW customer

    Why would I want to get less for the same price? I’ll be staying with Republic Wireless thank you.

    • Hi Don,

      You’re not actually getting less for the same price. I’ll break down the differences for you between our service and RW.

      1. With us, you’re getting a much better device subsidized by us that runs Android 4.0. So you’re paying less for the phone than actually what it costs and you’re getting a phone that you’ll actually want. A Samsung Galaxy SII retails for $300+ and you’re getting it for $119. We have to make our money back from the subscription revenue. RW only gives you one choice, which is the Motorola Defy XT. It is an extremely outdated phone that runs Android Gingerbread (2.3) and you’re paying $249 full price for it. A lot of apps actually don’t even support Gingerbread anymore.

      2. RW doesn’t actually have ‘truly’ unlimited data and minutes. They are banking on the fact that you use WiFi pretty much all the time. I’ve heard stories where if they see you’re using too much data or cellular minutes, they will kick you off their service (don’t believe me? Google it). We’re 100% transparent with what we offer and what you get. If you use WiFi a lot the Tall plan is more than enough. If you don’t use WiFi a lot, you have that choice too.

      3. We have 4G on all our phones. With RW, you’re stuck with slow 3G data.

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