HTC Fetch Navigation Tag Helps You Keep Track of Your Stuff

HTC Fetch Navigation Tag Helps You Keep Track of Your Stuff



Unless you are a lot more organized than myself, you too have probably lost your keys and other important items more than once in the past – whether in your own home or even when away. What if there was an easy way to locate them?

While we’ve already seen some devices that use NFC and Bluetooth for tracking, HTC Fetch seems to take things up a step. Recently the Fetch arrived as “coming soon” over at Clove. What sets HTC’s solution apparent is that it apparently will work somewhat like other solutions but will also have the devices show up on a map with a special app. The device also should support a range of about 100 meters in normal mode, or 50 meters with Bluetooth LE.

Interestingly enough, Clove seems to suggest that this bad boy will also feature some kind of GPS technology – though with an estimated retail price of around $40, that’s seems kind of unlikely.Anyhow, if the idea of a ‘clip’ for your keys, luggage, backpack or even pet collar sounds right up your alley, you might want to keep an eye on this one.

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