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Lenovo Flagship Smartphone With Snapdragon 800


In case you don’t know, there are some Lenovo smartphones out there and the company is a major player in the Chinese mobile market. But it seems that the company has big plans for the West, if the device that you see in the image above is intended not just for China and ends up stateside sometime in the future.

The leaked device, called the K6 or the X910, is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 800 processor, and it is equipped with a 5 inch display with a resolution of 1,920×1,080. The handset is reportedly thin and light, and it feels comfortable in the hands. It should arrive running Android 4.2.2. Unfortunately, no other details have been reported so far, but the available features suggest that it could be an upcoming Lenovo flagship.

We are also hearing that the device might eventually be called K910, so we might be looking at the successor to the Intel powered K900 which was launched earlier this year.

So, are you willing to try a Lenovo phone with Snapdragon 800? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. depend on the price and upgrade support, currently I’m using k860 international version and even now no news for official jelly bean update…

  2. I have a Lenovo notebook and the keyboard is failing after 3 months

    as for the phone,they will price it,higher than iphone or samsung

    so it will fail,also you have to depend on carriers carrying you phone and subsidizing it,as few people will pay $500 for a phone then $50-$70 for service

    ther are a lot of Chinese phones,that are slowly getting better for $200,maybe in 6 months they will be good enough,if you could trust the Chinese sellers online,more people would buy them,phones are just commoditys any one can make them,
    they just need to drop prices down,
    once subsidized phones are gone,phone prices will come down,
    when I called up Lenovo customer service about no wifi the first day,they told me they could not help me as I had a windows 7 pc,on the box it said windows 8 they said the store must changed it yet all the documents said windows 8 and it did not come from a store
    I don’t think lenova quality is good or bad

    • I have a HP dv7t, Dell , Lenovo X230, Lenovo X220 and ASUS Tablet.
      . My favorite is Lenovo X230, never get hot and still going strong despite rough handling during travelling. I have Sony xpress Ultra not that great , try Lenovo K900 that was great not too big to carry around. Waiting for this K910. HTC windows 8X is best in its phone and good clear voice recording but let down by lack of software for software junkie.

  3. Hell yeah. IBM is the best!

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