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A Look At Motorola’s New Droid Devices And The Moto X (Video)


While we are waiting for the arrival of the Moto X smartphone, Motorola has introduced three new DROID devices, the ULTRA, MAXX, and MINI, which will be available at different price points from Verizon. But are these devices coming with enough qualities to make them appealing to the customers? Let’s take a look.

First of all, the specs of all the three devices are almost the same. Each handset comes equipped with a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM, a 10MP back facing camera, and a 720p HD display. While the ULTRA (which is very thin measuring in at 7.18mm) and the MAXX are larger with 5 inch OLED displays, the Mini has 4.3-inch LCD screen.

When using the devices, there were apparently no lags or any problems, maybe due to the X8 system.

So specs wise these devices are never going to be as impressive as some high end handsets out there such as the Galaxy S4 or HTC One.

The best device of the three new Droids, the MAXX, is coming with 48-hour battery life (but still not too fat at 8.5mm, the HTC One measures 9.3 mm btw). But for that extra life they are asking $299 on contract, higher than what the S4 and the One is available for. (The ULTRA and the Mini costs $199 and $99 on contracts respectively).

Maybe Motorola believes that their X8 Mobile Computing, which features dedicated cores such as those for application processing and those for graphics processing, could pull in customers.

The system “involves eight tightly integrated processors, special algorithms, and sensors”. When using the devices, there were apparently no lags or any problems, maybe due to the X8 system. Some of the other unique features to the new Droids include Motorola Connect,  which will allow you to handle notifications via your computer. Then there’s also DROIDZAp for device-to-device picture sharing, active touch, a camera launch gesture and voice-control features.

Take a peek at the video for a demo of many of the features coming with the new Droids.

But, what about the Moto X then? The upcoming much anticipated device is expected to be coming with all the things that you have seen above. Of course it is going to be assembled in the U.S. and they are going to allow customizations such as message engraving and casing color options, but as far as we know, that’s it.

So what will make the Moto X stand out against these new Droids? Motorola can of course can come out with a killer price tag. Hopefully they also have a few other surprises up their sleeves that we’ve yet to see.

What are your thoughts about the ULTRA, MAXX, and MINI smartphones? Are you interested in getting one for yourself? Or are you waiting for the Moto X?

Source: Droid-Life
Video Source: Android Central



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