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Xbox One or Sony PS4: Which One is Right For You?


The next generation Xbox and Playstation are just around the corner now, with November quickly sneaking up on us. This leaves us to wonder, which is the right system for you?

Now I want to make this perfectly clear, this is NOT your typical “which is better” article. I am personally of the opinion that both consoles are compelling choices. Instead, we will talk about the differences to help guide you to the system that makes the most sense for you. Plain and simple.

Let’s get started by discussing the hardware.

PS4 and Xbox One hardware overview


*thanks to some great comments, I realized that this hardware section was WAY to brief and didn’t do much in the way of ‘true comparison’. I have expanded this section to better reflect the console’s differences. Thanks! * 

While the above chart doesn’t include everything, it gives us a pretty good idea. As you can see, both systems are pretty similar at first glance. Both are based on AMD CPUs, both have 8GB of RAM, and even the GPUs are similar. That said, from a technical perspective, the PS4 is more powerful than the the Xbox One.

Both console GPUs use AMD’s Graphics Core Next architecture which is divided up into blocks called “Compute Units”. When comparing this “Compute Units”, the PS4 clearly comes out on top with 18CUs, which can generate 1.84 teraflops of processing power. In contrast, the Xbox One has just 12 CUs and generates just 1.2 teraflops of power.

As for RAM? The Sony Playstation 4 and Xbox One might both have 8GB of RAM, but the Xbox One uses DDr3 which is significantly slower.

For most folks, will all of this make a huge difference when it comes to real-world use? Yes and no. While games might look marginally better on the PS4, it might not be a “world-ending” difference, especially at the beginning of each console’s lifecycle.

Ultimately, though – it isn’t just hardware that makes a game system. What will truly set the PS4 and Xbox One apart will be their special software features, games and other exclusive features.

System philosophy

What do I mean by ‘system philosophy’? In short, this is about the key focuses of the system based on Microsoft and Sony’s presentations and announcements up to this point.

Now, keep in mind that system philosophy can change as the market changes and as the system software evolves. Let’s start with Sony.

Both systems have similar specs, somewhat similar multimedia features and their own unique exclusives. What it really comes down to is which system sounds more like ‘you’.

Playstation 4:

While these points can be debated, Sony seems to put gaming as the key priority. Closely followed are social aspects and living room entertainment.

Does this mean that Sony provides a better gaming experience? Not necessarily. My point is merely that most of Sony’s presentations have been focused on how the PS4 affects the life of gamers. Other functionality like TV features, apps and entertainment seem to take a back seat – though they still exist and are still a prominent part of the overall console experience.

This means that from day one, the PS4 will be fully focused on games. Other features will likely roll out slowly as their philosophy evolves and changes.

Xbox One:

In contrast, Microsoft has been very focused on the Xbox One being able to create the perfect multimedia experience. Some of these features and focuses have changed due to negative reception of online/DRM restrictions, but with HDMI in, split screen TV and browsing capabilities and more – the Xbox One seems more positioned at those who are looking for an all-in-one multimedia system that also plays games.

By focusing on multimedia, Microsoft creates a system that will likely have more apps and more TV-related functionality right out of the gate. Will its games suffer as a result? That’s probably a matter of opinion and depends largely on what you think of the exclusives already announced.

This leads us into our next “point of comparison”.

The actual games

I’m not going to list every game we know of for the Xbox One or the PS4, instead let’s take a look at some of the exclusives. This might not be all of the announced exclusives, so if I missed something – just give me a polite shout in the comments below.

For the Xbox One: Halo on Xbox One, Crimson Dragon, D4, Quantum Break, Forza Motorsport 5

And here’s a few demos, for extra measure:

Now for the PS4: Knack, DriveClub, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son, The Order: 1886, Deep Down, Galak-Z, Secret Ponchos

And some more demos, this time for the PS4:

So what does this section prove? Nothing necessarily.

The point is instead to show off a few exclusives found on each system. Check out a few demos, do a little research and you should know which system seems to fit your own personal tastes.


We’ll take a bit of time to talk about the ‘extras’. As already mentioned, the Xbox One offers TV viewing experiences through HDMI in. It also allows split screen viewing. Additionally the Xbox One comes with a required Xbox Kinect that provides special voice functions, gestures and more.

In contrast, the PS4 has a camera as well, but it is optional and likely will be used more for games and special apps than the overall UI/navigation of the PS4 software. The PS4 also has its own dedicated share button.Both systems have extras such as second-screen functionality with a smartphone, tablet or even the PS Vita in the case of the PS4.

Both consoles also offer live stream, capturing and sharing of gameplay. Both have social integration. And both will likely have their own streaming demo and services, though only Sony’s cloud-based demo system is official at this stage.

From an ‘extras’ perspective, the Xbox One is probably ‘better’ if you are interested in a fully integrated gestures/camera/voice experience and TV viewing experience. Otherwise, both will probably offer a similar multimedia experience with a just a few varying differences.


For some buyers it won’t come down to hardware, software or even the launch titles – price will make all the difference. In that regard, the PS4 is the cheaper option at $399. In contrast, the Xbox One costs $499.

What’s interesting here is that the PS4 is actually the more powerful system with faster RAM and a better GPU, so why is it less expensive? It comes down to the Kinect. Microsoft’s strategy requires you to get the Kinect, even if you don’t want it. As for the PS4, the PS4 Camera is optional.


So both systems have somewhat similar specs, similar multimedia features and their own unique exclusives. What it really comes down to is which system sounds more like ‘you’. The biggest judge is probably going to be the games. After all, these are still ‘game systems’, even if gaming is far from their only function.

What do you think, which system will you be picking up this holiday season and why? Politely share your reasons in the comment section below!



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  1. Fahd Al Zarooni

    Can’t wait to get my PS4 next Friday…(^0^)/

  2. ps4 DDR5 to Xbox one’s DDR3 i assume, pshh… faster gpu for a fifth less, mhm… I’ll wait for MS to charge us the usual $100-200 to try for what has without a doubt broke left and right like the last console no matter how slim or not. New tray, power supply/cooling, inexcusable levels of rubbing fan noise’s due to the360 running to hot out of the box (not to mention pay to be online with bad wifi speeds, again lol MS and your halo cinematic marketing to children xD, shame after halo 2 without it making popcorn i say….. Unless ofcoarse they don’t try to rob us of $20-30 every month, sorry what is it $100 to have a 360 online for half a year, at best…umm, my bumm.. .. My modest PC uses 360 controllers and games fine thx and likey xbox one’s as well before long if any different..all set with paper clipping my tray open afew months in when i want to play a different game for no good reason but hey.. I’m sure they will fix all that for almost double the price as the last console.. Sony’s no different than any other company. My thoughts are if you are ordering online games for direct DL and such unless you are just irresponsible kids with accounts or moms credit card, get yourself an account for such things. worst case letting MS automatically withdraw for your convenience in my opp.PS4 FTW on screen. my cell can browse the world wide web and netflix, thx MS for expecting me to wave my arms around like i dont love my.. wii U.

  3. PS4 for me. I like the tech, Sony has always impressed me with how fully it maintains an interesting software catalog all the way up through the very end of its consoles’ lives, and because I love what I’ve seen so far regarding how the OS functions. Plus, I have a Vita, and the new Remote Play features are a huge draw.

    It just seems more like “me.”

  4. Xbox One- because it’s going to be a remarkable and usable device in and out of a video game. Technology changes so quickly to determine if the HDMI passthru will stay but for now, it makes alot of sense (primarily for gamers and geeks like me.) PS has always been the more capable machine on paper. I have had both consoles throughout their revisions and have witnessed and watched many graphics comparisons. I would never say one consistently looks better than the other. To each their own though, there’s enough consumer dollars for both of them!

  5. The PS3 has gigabit Ethernet, I’m sure the PS4 will as well. If you’re going to specify that the Xbox has gigabit, you need to specify that the PS4 does as well.

  6. MY choice Xbox one. Great games. awesome Xbox live features

  7. Maan, can’t they just merge it to just one console. It’ll make my life much easier. Halo is a great game, and so gran turismo. I just dont like forza.

  8. so when is the chart going to be updated to show that the PS4 also has USB 3.0 and gigabit ethernet??

  9. This darth diggler is on every board I stumble upon bashing the Xbox one. He’s pathetic and I think he works for Sony. Yes I’m getting an Xbox one but it’s funny that if anyone post positive for it people like him bash and wont let others have a choice. he is just sad.

    • I don’t work for Sony and you don’t STUMBLE ON ANYTHING. YOU STALK ME.

      Everyone has a choice. You have a choice to stop being a scumbag and not stalk me on websites (which IMHO redefines what it means to be pathetic).

      I don’t work for Sony I just happen to love their consoles and I work with technology all the time so I understand the specs. If you feel that I am speaking un-truths, feel free to create an account with Disqus and take me to task. Have a little confidence in what you say (at least enough to take credit for your words with a user name).

      If you aren’t going to do that, you are just a stalking jerk and I am in talks with Disqus about this very issue. You have been following me around for 2+ years and I have had about enough. You never EVER refute what I say you always take this “shoot the messenger” approach likely because you are some 8 year old brat who don’t know what us big boys are talking about.

      • Alejandro Toad Johnson

        Yeah, ok Sony is soooo far superior than MS. Lets see shall we….?
        2005. Sony adopts a DRM policy (The rootkit scandal) on the CD’s they published and expose millions of PC’s to dangerous malware. They are sued by CA and NY.
        Yes, Sony had a DRM policy first..so to call MS anti-consumer is a bit hypocritical by all the Sony ladyboys out there.
        2011. PS3’s are hacked and Sonys live service is down for 2 months. Millions have their personal info exposed to the hackers. Sony is sued again. A major debacle.
        2012 Sony fires 10,000 employees after reporting a 6.4 billion dollar loss. Fires CEO also
        2013. PS3 machines get bricked AGAIN after a recent firmware update just last month!! Major embarrassment!
        So, yeah I am staying with MS and Xbox One. Its doesnt matter to me that the PS4 is a tiny bit more powerful. Everybody said the PS3 kicked the 360’s butt on paper and look how that turned out. Games on the 360 usally looked better and ran better pretty much all the time. THE END FANBABY

    • Alejandro Toad Johnson

      I agree, I have have seen this toad before called Darth Diggler bashing MS b4. He dosent know what hes talking about half the time.

  10. PS4. Camera? I don’t need no stinking camera!

  11. Ps4 for me, not a big fan of kinect but maybe later on ill get it.

  12. 1 in a million™

    I’ve always been a playstation fan. I don’t care about kinect I’m an avid video gamer who sits on the sofa relaxes and play video games. Kinect doesn’t make me feel relaxed does it ? I’d go for the ps4 cuz I’ve never owned an xbox I’ve always had a playstation and I’m not willing to spend an extra £100 on something that is less powerful in terms of specs, and looks like a video cassette from the 1980s. Don’t get me wrong tho I think the xb1 is impressive with its tec and voice recognition I would get both if I had enough but I’ve only got £500 and I would rather buy a ps4 and some games and maybe an extra contraller for the price of an xb1

    • Alejandro Toad Johnson

      So for an extra £100 you can get a extra controller and “some” games, as in more than one? Really? What store is that?

      • Udontneedtoknomeimanonymous

        Ps4 in the uk costs £349 I said if I had £500 So it’s a £150 difference and when I ment “some” I ment maybe 2 games and a contraller

      • OcarinaLink146

        Can everyone here stop making the internet look bad? I’m more concerned with how the new consoles will (hopefully) not limit the potential of PCs. I can already see the smoke from here.

  13. Why does any one say that the controller for either system is better than the other; they both have two analog joysticks, one D-pad, four action buttons, two shoulder buttons and two triggers. Aside from extraneous stuff like share buttons the in-game controller functionality for both the playstation and xbox have been identical since the Dualshock controller on the original playstation.

    • Well, in my case, the DualShock causes severe hand pain because of the analog joystick locations. I never have this problem with the Xbox controller. I actually couldn’t use the DualShock at all and had to get a couple of aftermarket solutions, which aren’t great since many don’t have sixaxis, and some of the games I wanted to play required it. So yeah, it’s possible for one to be better than the other for some folks.

  14. Do you even call that a “comparison”

    • My thoughts exactly this guy didn’t even get the system specifications right. Basically just saying well you know these two are basically the same. THEY ARE NOT.

      First off the GPU in the PS4 resembles a Radeon 7870, the XBONE GPU resembles a Radeon 7790, not to mention the XBONE reserves 10% of the GPU power for the OS. In terms of GPU power the nod goes in the PS4 favor by a sizable margin.

      The author doesn’t seem to want to compare the memory properly either. Yes DDR3 is slower 102GB/s GDDR5 runs at 176GB/s, yes the ESRAM will help XBONE, but it won’t be as efficient as GDDR5. XBONE will only have 5GB available to devs for games, PS4 will have 7GB. (XBONE reserves 3GB for OSes while PS4 only 1GB).

      All of these factors (especially together) are significant to performance of games. Whatever MS does in the cloud can be replicated by competitors, its just software.

      • Like i said to the other guy if the diffirence between 7870 and 7790 is so high for you, then dont buy a ps4,Upgrade your pc. You get better graphics.

        Take a look at ps2 and xbox, xbox destroyed ps2 in power but everyone made games for ps2 due to being the lowest common denominator.

        So when pc had far cry, doom 3,prey, fear and xbox had chronicles of riddick, ps2 had…..god of war 2 :(

        Dont expect a game to have a huge diffirence on the ps4.

        Actually DDR3 is better for cpu calculations. On the cpu side both consoles are weak.

        I expect games to look better on ps4 but not by far and the reason for that is not the specs but how games are designed.

        I also do not expect 4k resolutions and running games on 60 fps or as the planetside 2 guys said “maxing out at the highest settings without a 2000$ pc”

        SUREEEE ps4 will be able to run planetside with the highest antialising settings on an old engine that is not even optimized for 8 core cpus.

        So please see past the hype bullocks.

        • Hey Daka45 and DarthDiggler. I kind of jumped quickly through the hardware section when writing this. Re-reading and listening to comments makes that abundantly clear! Thanks for your feedback.

          I’m going to extend that section a little. Though ultimately the main reason for this article was just to get conversation going about the two consoles, and give folks a ‘starting point’ for deciding which system they will end up with.

          As for me? I personally am happy enough with my PS3, Xbox 360 and gaming PC at the moment. Not sure if I have enough coin to jump on other system right at launch. If I did, it would probably be the PS4 – though I might consider the Xbox One down the road. No disrespect to X-One fans, though. :)

          Again – thanks for your feedback. I apologize if I misrepresented the console’s specs/hardware in my post.

          • Well I have posted more specs for you to publish (seems to be in moderator hell due to URLs). Going by your “expertise” on this article maybe you shouldn’t be doing game news. I mean if the people in the comments know more than you about the specs, that should probably tell you something.

            Most of the info people told you was right in Wikipedia. 😛 Also somehow you seemed to miss that Sony will include a 500GB HDD with their system too.

          • I read through this entire thread and I fail to see why PC was even brought up? Where in the article did it compare PS4 vs XBox One vs PC? Telling me that a PC has better graphics is like me going to buy a car and you telling me it would be faster to fly. Does that even need to be brought up? If I wanted a plane comparison Id be at and airport not a car lot. If I wanted a PC comparison Id be on PCMags forums not a PS4 vs Xbox forum.

        • Marvin Deonte' McClain

          Everyone made games for ps2 because it already had a massive install base when compared to the first xbox. It had nothing to do with ps2 being the lowest common denominator.

          • You might wanna google what lowest common denominator means.

            Xbox was better than ps2, but the foolish masses just bought a ps2, thats how the lowest common denominator works. Same reason the masses bought a x360, because it was cheaper.

          • Dakan45

            See when you comment on the consoles you don’t even get it right.

            The PS2 had an incredible install base, why? For one it was cheaper, but it came out before the XBOX.

            Fast forward a few years and Xbox 360 beats PS3 to the market. Masses gravitated to it because it was the only next gen console available.

            Xbox was better than ps2, but the foolish masses just bought a ps2,

            So anyone who bought a PS2 is just apart of the foolish masses? Does that make you the smartest person in the world or something? Who died and pronounced you supreme commander of all video games? :)

            People have preferences, just because they don’t match yours doesn’t make them foolish.

            Are you too dense to realize you just offended a large majority of people in these comments who likely owned a PS2 at one time?

          • No people choose ps2 because it was known.

            Those “loyal” people choose x360 because sony screwed up with ps3.

            Who are you to tell them to to buy the ps4 instead of the xbox? Whats up they dont much your sony prefences and you getting pissed?

            Hooray for loyal ps2 fans who bought a x360 later on.


          • I am telling people the truth about the specs, they can make their own decisions from there. Some XBONERs are saying they want the XBOX because it has the superior specs. Evidently they didn’t get the memo.

            Horray for PS3 for selling more consoles than the X360 this generation despite the X360 year head start! :)

        • If the difference is there – plus the fact that only 5gigs of Xbox RAM are made available (vs 7gigs on the PS4) – I’d say buy the PS4 if one is looking to buy a console.

          • Yup, just dont expect much. I recently played bloodrayne, the xbox version looks like the ps2 version while pc looks far better, dont expect a huge diffirence due to higher specs. You gonna see those propably only on exlusives

          • @dakan45:disqus

            The differences are significant. You don’t need a PC to have a great gaming experience. The PS4 is looking like the best option for CONSOLE GAMERS.

            We don’t care how cool your PC is bro! :)

            Wouldn’t you get annoyed if I came up to you in an Italian restaurant and just sat down and told you how great BBQ was? I could tell you that Italian is inferior to BBQ for reason A, B and C. :)

            If you like PC gaming, why are you trolling Console Gaming articles? Are you a Windows Gamer Evangelist? LOL

            Go away man.

          • What diffirencies are significant?

            Never said ps4 is not the best option for CONSOLETARDS.

            I dont care what you consoletards tink is “cool”

            If you like sony so much why do you go have sex with it?

            GO away DIPSHIT.

          • Look — you come here talking your PC stuff in a console article, clearly you are the one that is out of place here.

            I don’t care what you PC guys think is cool. I don’t care what your PC can do. I don’t care what you do with your PC in the privacy of your own home, that is between you and the PC.

            BUT here you are amongst consoles gamers that do not give 2 craps about your PC assclownery!

            So keep talking up your superior PC to a bunch of people that don’t care. LOL

            Is your life that shallow this is how you get your kicks? Going on to console articles and waving your e-peen around declaring to anyone who will listen that you are awesome?

          • Listen morontard, i was comparing how consoles are always inferior from pc not because of specs but because simply a weaker console exists. Your precious ps4 and That moron cerny wont change that, he can go around trolling but in the end ps4 is weak and xbox one is weaker, no matter what you do, games will be tailored to both systems.

            You will have inferior graphics. Yes i know that you sony inbreed dont want to hear anything about pcs, so i will keep on doing it because you are one big fanboy twat. Like the other comment said you go to xbox one and troll and you propably owned by sony, you are the biggest sony fanboy, and i know for a fact that yout mother is sony and they created you to piss off people.


            Thats how you morons sound.

            Considering ending your existance.

        • @dakan45:disqus

          No disrespect but perhaps you didn’t notice this was an article about PS4 / XBONE. I don’t want a PC for gaming. I already been there, done that — won’t return. I prefer to play against people who can’t use Aim Bots. LOL

          I really don’t understand why this console discussions are bringing out Computer Trolls. Go find a PC forum and chat it up with other like minded PC gamers.

          This article is comparing the two next gen consoles and which one is better. We all know that PCs can do amazing things especially if money is no object, but that discussion just isn’t relevant here.

          • Lol aim bots? WTF you talking about, if you hack on a console, you got to wait till a patch comes out, on pc patches come out every day and automaticly applied, also no people dont use “ambots” its That you consoletards SUCK at aiming, you cant play without slow thumbsticks and aim assist.

  15. If you’re unsure, go for playstation 4. Rhymes so you pretty much have to.

  16. This article is wrong the GPU in the xbox one is similar to the 7770 with 1.2 Tflops. While the PS4 GPU is inbetween the 7850 and 7870 with 1.84 Tflops. So the PS4 part you got right but you gave the Xbox one a significant power boost on your chart. Also the PS4 was finally confirmed for its 500 gig hard drive.

    • TheGrimReaper0011

      Also, you can’t change the HDD of the xbox one unfortunately
      With PS4, they confirmed you can upgrade the 500GB
      Hopefully to 2TB ^_^
      That being said, I’m gonna pick up the PS4, some time next year
      Just bought a new PS3 (need one for Kingdom Hearts HD)

      • Even though the HDD is not removable on the Xbox One, Microsoft has confirmed that added storage can be applied to the Xbox One via the usb drives and can be used for videos, pics, musics and game saves. I also believe Sony is allowing for the same convenience on the PS4 as well.

        • Yeah but if your HDD breaks you got to send your box back to MS, I can go to BestBuy and get any 2.5″ replacement drive.

          Or I have the option to put an SSD internally. For better overall performance. :)

    • Yes they totally evaded all mention that the XB1 has a cut down GPU featuring only 12 compute units, whereas the PS4 has 16 compute units. The reason why XB1 had to cut down the GPU is because they had to make room on the APU for the EDRAM and various data trafficking chips in order to try and match PS4’s blistering GDDR5 data rates.

      PS4 GPU:
      18 compute units (64 cores per unit)
      18 x 64 = 1152 cores total
      CPU frequency 1.6GHz (1,600,000,000 cycles per second)
      1.6 x 1152 = 1843.2 (1.84 TFLOPS)
      1,840,000,000,000 Floating Point Operations Per Second

      XB1 GPU:
      12 compute units (64 cores per unit)
      12 x 64 = 768 cores total
      CPU frequency 1.6GHz (1,600,000,000 cycles per second)
      1.6 x 768 = 1228.8 (1.23 TFLOPS)
      1,230,000,000,000 Floating Point Operations Per Second

      This website is asking people to make a choice without giving them all the facts. Those numbers translate into what you can do in a game within a one second time period. Add that to the fact that XB1 has no fast GDDR5 RAM at all for the GPU to use like all gaming PC’s, and the EDRAM is tiny so only a small percentage of data gets the speed boost. All this clearly shows the XB1 is seriously underpowered compared to PS4. The choice for a hard core gamer is clear.

    • Hey Auron, sorry – the chart was spposed to say 7770 for the Xbox One. Typo. Will fix it. Thanks for pointing that out!

  17. James Flaherty

    Xbox One at launch, and a PS4 within the next two years. The Xbox One’s tech fascinates me more, and it has some pretty interesting games coming out on and around launch day, not the least of which is Titanfall. The PS4, unfortunately, only has one launch title that fascinates me, and that is Knack. Will wait till a Ratchet or Naughty Dog game is announced, and then I’ll get a PS4.

  18. ShadyLittle Boz

    Xbox one, with the original DRM hopefully re-instigated as a first time set-up option it’s simply the first step in the future of gaming.

    • I would love it if MS did that, would likely grant PS4 3rd party exclusives again.

      You can’t go always online in the USA. Even if the entire country was wired you still have deployed military that don’t have access to internet.

  19. sony ps4 is the best for me

  20. Metal Gear is a PS exclusive, or it was, not sure anymore.

    • TheGrimReaper0011

      It was, but MGS5 will be on PS4 (PS3?) and Xbox One (Xbox 360?)
      Anyway, not exclusive

      • TheGrimReaper0011

        Metal Gear / MGS has never been a PlayStation Exclusive. It appeared on the NES! Metal Gear games have generally come to PlayStation first, but it has never been a PS Exclusive.

        The reason MS didn’t get MGS4 is because Konami didn’t want to charge $200 for the game for the cost of the Discs. :)

        I am being a little absurd there but that is why. Multi-disc games on X360 are expensive for publishers, which is why you only see a few of them.

        Please everyone stop spreading this rumor that Metal Gear was ever Sony exclusive. Even basic research on Wikipedia proves MG/MGS was never exclusive.

        Metal Gear Solid – PS1 and GameCube
        Metal Gear: Ghost Babel – Gameboy Color
        Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty – PS2, XBOX, PC
        Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – PS2, 3DS

  21. X1 for me. Kinect is actually really compelling, now that it’s in every box. I love that sign-in’s will ‘just work’, controller binding will ‘just happen’, and all of it is enabled with Kinect. It just sounds like there will be far less friction between me and my entertainment. Plus, the pass-through HDMI is genius… being able to “snap” live TV while playing games is awesome… and the way it integrates with cable TV is also sweet. Not to mention the selection of games definitely seems better, and X1’s controller is definitely superior to the PS4’s in terms of comfort (I’ve felt both). Finally, it’s clear that Microsoft is genuinely committed to cloud processing, which is a big deal. I can’t wait to see what the devs do with it!

    • Are you serious right now… You positively have to work for Microsoft. I will be getting an Xbox so I’m not hating but wow. You sound like Larry Hryb or something.

      • John Joe Silver

        the problems with the Kinect don’t affect everyone, if they do it right this time around it has the potential to be great, the xbox controller is better suited for different game genres and since the huge game sellers tend to be the FPS’ the 360 upgraded controller would seem to have the advantage… the tv thing is meh again personal preference but i could see the benefit say for example during a non-important Premier League game you wanted to keep an eye on… game selection is a preference, i never got into infamous or killzone, but dead rising 3 looks good and Ryse could be great aswell and then there’s TitanFall which looks class (racers just aren’t for me)… that being said the PS4 also has it’s advantages but the share button is useless to me as i’ve no interest in it at all… the touchpad could be ingenious if applied correctly and will be interesting to see what’s done from it… the PS4 games announced so far aren’t really for me but no doubt i’ll pick up one down the line

        • The PS4 share button is of no interest to you? How many times have you seen a really funny WTF glitch in a game and told your friend about it. Well give him a laugh as well by sharing a screenshot or video of the glitch. When you realise it takes very little effort to send it, of course you will use it. I don’t think you realise the full potential of the share button.

          • John Joe Silver

            i really won’t I’ve no interest in posting videos or screenshot of what I’m doing with my games… is it a good idea yeah for those people who are big into that thing, but for me no it’ll be an unused feature

    • TheGrimReaper0011

      Just so you know, you can already switch between games and tv with your remote and the cloud processing will barely be used and when its used, it wont add that much
      Doesn’t really matter though
      Both systems seem to get some really great games
      Let Sony and Microsoft duke it out so we get a better deal! ^_^
      Infamous second son looks so much fun
      And Forza looks sexy as hell
      You really cant go wrong with either systems

      • Yeah but on day 1 you can get more games with an extra $100 with PS4 you can put towards more games.


    • Sign-in’s just work? It already happens on my PS3. I just press the start button, it powers up and logs in without any intervention for me. It just works. So why is that a justification to have a 24/7 hackable spycam that you have to wave you’re arms at and shout instructions to launch functions, when I can just press a button with my thumb. MS are trying to fix a problem that is not there in the first place, so Kinect is just a gimmick. I can already switch instantly between gaming and TV content. It’s called a TV remote control.

      Forget the gimmicks and just buy the more powerful PS4.

    • Willy McBurgle

      you love that they ‘claim’ the sign in’s will ‘just work’ – I’ve listened to 6 years of marketing bull from Microsoft including Kinect and all the ‘amazing’ things they were supposed to do with Xbox Glass.

      • Remember project Milo? :)

        I am kind of surprised they didn’t re-tread that. LOL The promises they made in that tech demo should have gotten them sued.

  22. The Xbox One.The quality of the games overall seems much more impressive than what the Ps4 has shown.

    • We only have a snapshot of the games that will eventually prevail on each system. PS4 has a lot of games they are holding back until Sony is ready, whereas XB1 is throwing everything it’s got upfront. So it’s not a good idea to start counting games on your fingers at this stage. The PS4 will prevail in the long run, especially when games like Uncharted 4 hit the console. You only have to look at the vast array of excellent 1st party exclusives that hit the PS3. Sony will make sure PS4 gets the same treatment. Add the fact that PS4 is easy to develop for, so PC ports and 3rd party multiplats are going to be superb. You won’t get the same sub par ports we had with PS3.

      Always remember, launch titles are essentially rush jobs that are not a good indication of the hardware’s potential. The good games won’t even be announced yet because they are still being worked on to maximise performance. Uncharted 1 was barely on the radar when the PS3 launched and that spawned the excellent U2 and U3. My advice is take the long view when choosing a console.

    • Willy McBurgle

      Until Microsoft loses interest in their own platform again, cleans out all the first-party fun and focuses on one Halo title after the other until kids are puking Master Chief sound bites from coast-to-coast.

  23. X1 for me

  24. I’ve bought all of the Nintendo systems except for the Wii u. I even bought the ps 1 and 2, and loved the ps2. The story, I was always into fighting games until my younger brother introduced me to RE4 for the Nwii. Loved it with a passion. RE5 came later and I was forced to choose a system, Xbox360 vs PS3. I chose Xbox 360 I think because of prices. Sure I was forced to buy Xbox Gold for online but fell in love with its smooth UI and easy to use interface, and the overall entertainment value: streaming movies, music, videos, Netflix, etc.. Nintendo failed me, PS was just too much into gaming, balance came in the form of Xbox 360. I was never a MS fan until I bought the 360 and learned more about MS. For me, the xbone is on my list.

  25. Alejandro Toad Johnson

    For sure the xb1. I will buy it for Halo5 alone, but this time around it also had DR3 and Crimson Dragon looks awesome imo. I also look forward to all the extras that the system can do as well. The author is correct in stating that the spec’s are very similar and even though the the PS4 has as small edge on paper, it probably wont show as a major real world improvement in practicle use. There is such a thing as; The Law of Dimishing Returns afterall.

    • Titanfall looks sick as well

    • The small edge on paper is a 50% GPU raw power increase of 12 CU to 18 CU and a 100% ROP or fillrate increase 16 vs 32 which is not small at all. The GPUs they most resemble the 7770 for the xbox one and the 7850-7870 for the PS4 are worlds apart. Its the difference between 60fps on the 7870 and 40 fps on the 7770 with identical settings.

      • If thats the case then upgrade your pc, dont buy a console, you gonna get a much much MUCH bigger diffirence due to superior specs. By your logic.

        • Wow so your answer to everyone that wants a ps4 because its better is “but a pc”? Not everyone wants to sit by themselves playing on computers. Some of us have families and like to do things together.

          • My family has a LAN.

          • wow, you argue that you people who have “families” can go into techinical terms and determine out of the blue that because of some superior hardware ps3 is gonna get more fps and better graphics, lke us nerds who want to “sit by themselves playing on computers” to which i reply, if you care so much about graphics, buy a pc not a console.

            But apparently you missed that one.

            Also what you mean “like to do things together” Splitscreen is last gen, so you propably gonna need multiple consoles for multiplayer.

          • @dakan45:disqus

            Please STFU and go away. You aren’t making any friends here. LOL

          • wtf? You STFU you moron.

          • I think I have found my stalker. :)

          • It’s sad that your mother didn’t consider abortion.

        • @dakan45:disqus



          Are you that hard up for attention that you have to go insert yourself where you don’t belong?


          • Says the ass-hat who keeps commenting about PCs on a Console discussion.



            I explained that no matter how powerfull the ps4 you THINK it is, in the end games will be tailored for the weaker platform, AKA the xbox one.


    • Really? You’re going to justify a $500 decision that will last 10 years on one game? I understand you must have been an Xbox fan forever, but look at some other games.

      I have to get the PS4 first. The amount of console exclusives and features that come out in the first year alone is too much to resist. Plus it’s $100 cheaper and I can use that money for a new headset and PS+, which also gives me much higher quality games for free.

    • Willy McBurgle

      it’s more than a small edge… 😉

    • PS4 has as small edge on paper, it probably wont show as a major real world improvement in practicle use.

      Small edge? LOL

      XBONE 6/8 CPU Cores available to devs.
      XBONE 5GB available to devs. (vs 7GB on PS4)
      XBONE 90% of GPU available to devs. (Radeon 7790 vs PS4 7870)

      MS is driving all the OSes through the main CPU/GPU. Sony has an additional system within the PS4 to off load all the non-gaming tasks to.

      On paper the difference doesn’t seem all that great, but when you look at what the developer has available, it becomes clear that Sony’s PS4 will house significantly more power for games.

      You can dismiss this due to brand loyalty if you like, but that doesn’t make it go away. :)

  26. Originally just the xb1 due to, in my opinion, better exclusives, better controller and better features. I like the tv features and have plans on using it in my living room. I wonder when we will hear about the ir emitting equipment that will have to come with the Xbox in order to controller my tv and cable box. I hope give us some good gear. As a home theater installer I have dealt with this equipment a lot and I know how terrible it can be if poorly implemented. Now I’m getting the ps4 too because I would like to play their exclusives when they have some that are more to my liking but I will most liking sell it initially to make some money off of the short supply of the console.

    • Willy McBurgle

      if you’re a home theatre installer – then you know that the Xbox TV features are not only redundant, they are b.s. compared to a decent receiver and a Harmony remote – that and Kinect can’t pick out a barking dog in a 7.1 setup – gets a wee bit confused, you see 😉 PS4 on the other hand might tackle a little 4k in time….

      • I was hoping more of an RTI quality setup. Harmony is garbage in the custom home theater business. Thats more of a diy hom theater control system.

        • lol – if Harmony is garbage, then Xbox is the sludge underneath the Harmony. I’m familiar with the higher end switching options but there’s no way in hell that you are seriously comparing those to the Xbox One – are you?? At the end of the day, my biggest concern is finding the best way to control my receiver, not attempt to replace it with some locked-down, crippled media box.

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