Verizon EDGE Now Official, Allows You to Get New Phones Quicker

Sign of Verizon Wireless is seen at its store in Westminster

Right on the heels of T-Mobile’s JUMP and AT&T’s Next comes a new service from Verizon, called Edge. Like the others, this program is designed to allow you to switch to newer devices at a much faster rate.

As Verizon puts it, Edge spreads out the retail price of a phone over 24 months and allows you to upgrade after just six months with the phone – as long as 50% of the retail cost has been paid. Of course you’ll have to return the phone that you already mostly own, but it certainly isn’t any worse of a deal than the other carriers are starting to offer, and actually looks quite a bit better than AT&T’s Next.

So when will the service arrive? Verizon Edge will be available to customers starting on August 25th.

Source: Verizon

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