HTC M8 And Upgraded HTC One In The Works?


We are still waiting for HTC’s One Mini smartphone and the Max phablet to show up, but now we have news about the company’s new handset for the coming year. Sometime in 2014, HTC will be releasing a flagship smartphone codenamed M8. That’s according to unnamed sources of Pocket-lint who have also revealed plans for an upgraded HTC One.

No details, such as specs, are available about the HTC M8 at the moment, but the company has apparently started discussions about the smartphone and are using other codenames for it with external contacts to keep leaks to the minimum.

Also not known is what internal changes the new HTC One might arrive with. The One, as you know, is coming with a Snapdragon 600 chipset. So the upcoming device will likely have Snapdragon 800, which is expected to be under the hood of the One Max as well. Maybe they will also find space to add support for microSD cards, which is available with the Chinese and Japanese versions of the HTC One.

Meanwhile, we have also heard news about a plastic HTC One smartphone, which will be launched in 2014. Could this be the M8? We are digging in to find out more and will keep you updated about all things HTC, so stay tuned to Mobilemag.

Would you be interested in an upgraded HTC One? Or would you wait for the M8? Does the idea of plastic bother you or not?

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  1. keltypack says:

    Before I consider another HTC, I need to have proof that they won’t ignore their existing customers. Their promises of upgrades to future Android versions were late and even unfulfilled. They have beautiful harware, but I have a lack of trust towards HTC.

  2. I like the HTC One but I don’t know why it hasn’t sell a lot.

    • Alex says:

      Maybe the majority of people prefer other smartphones, it’s not your opinion that influences the sales of it, you know why now.

    • NobleGeorge12 says:

      Its because they don’t advertise well. Almost all the geeks opt for HTC. But when it comes to common people, they depend on ad for their purchases. In that case, 1/10 ad’s i see in Television and YouTube are that of Samsung’s !!! -_-

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