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According to a new rumor, the Xbox One is getting a RAM upgrade - jumping from 8GB up to 12GB.

RUMOR: Xbox One Getting A RAM Upgrade?

Xbox One is shown on display during a press event unveiling Microsoft's new Xbox in Redmond

While Microsoft’s DRM-related follies certainly won the company few friends, at least the Redmond giant showed real wisdom in reacting quickly to the complaints and retracting its plans for used game lock-downs and 24-hour check-ins.

But even with all the restrictions removed, are the Xbox One’s specs good enough? There have been some complaints suggesting Microsoft’s next console isn’t quite as beefy as the PS4, and yet is aiming for a slightly higher price tag (thanks to the required/bundled Kinect).

The PS4 and Xbox One both use similar AMD processors, so how is the PS4 supposedly better? It comes down to the PS4 using GDDR5 RAM. While it’s hard to say if this will really make a huge difference in real-world use, some gamers don’t like the idea that the Xbox One doesn’t utilize the faster GDDR5 RAM.

The good news is that Microsoft is reacting here as well, at least if a new rumor is to be believed. Supposedly Microsoft is changing up their hardware a little by increasing the clock speed of the GPU and adding a bit more RAM – going from 8 to 12GB.

How believable is this rumor? Throwing in more RAM so late in the game seems like something that could slow down production, although raising up the clock speed would probably prove pretty easy and doable. Anything is possible, though.

Regardless, the Xbox One isn’t going to be a pushover no matter what amount of RAM it arrives with and is certainly a huge step up from the Xbox 360.

What do you think of the Xbox One compared to the PS4? Which console are you rooting for?

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  1. xobx one,ill wait for a limited edtion, i have the star wars limited edtion xbox 360. maybe next year, but never ps4

  2. james braselton

    hi there yeah getting a upgrade

  3. X1 Day one :) Im excited I hope they bump up the specs….i think sony fears microsoft having a more powerful system

    • actually.. they really don’t, even MS publicly stated it had the least powerful console, and intends to focus on bringing tv to your living room (of course, you still have to go get your own tv service first, then the xbox will magically let your tv see the tv you already have!)

  4. Maybe im reaching here, but I think its entirely possible that MS did infact make the decision to have a RAM increase weeks ago and also have told publishers just that, only keeping it secret from the public (and Sony!) Sony did the same thing with the ps4, it was originally thought to have only 4gb but then Sony came out saying they had told publishers the whole time to work with 8gb. Anybody else think this is a possibility? Or maybe im being a bit too optomistic

  5. I’m getting the xbox one no matter what but I wonder is the price for the xb1 would rise if they upgrade it

  6. ddr3 ram runs at 2133 Mhz ..gddr5 ram runs at 5500 Mhz..

    so ps4-8gb gddr5 — 8 * 5500 = 44000

    xbox (if they upgrade) –12 gb ddr3 ram = 12 *2133 = 25596

  7. Cheese of Borg

    To me, both systems graphics will be indistinguishable after a year or two due to optimization. It only comes down to online services, and for my XBL takes the cake. I have no problems with PSN, i just think its not as good.

  8. The XB1 and PS4 are so close to bwing the same that comparing these things is just stupid. We already know that there won’t be a noticeable difference in graphics so I really dont think this is true. I honestly was rooting for 12gb before the specs were released it’d be great if they did it although I doubt it. Were only 4 months away it’d have had to of been a decision made a few weeks ago if anything.

  9. Clock speed, maybe. RAM, most likely not. Hmmm… raising the clock speed this close to launch without significant R&D? Whatever could go wrong?

    RRoD round 2.

  10. this rumor is far from true, as the ddr3 ram are not some simple off the shelf sticks just plugged in.. the main board would need reworked. and this late in the game… with the fact that they still have not allotted any more xb1’s to stores for sales (suggesting that they are still not in production), it would be ill timed. Not only for the consumers, or the retailers, but also for the developers.. changing the hardware would mean games will either be pushed back until much later (almost all of the publishers for the MSFT listed XB1 games don’t give dates yet either, not even projected time frames, just TBA/TBD).

    bumping the clock on the processors might not be a good thing, as it was having heat issues in it already, and regardless, their choice of how the ram and work load is allocated and piped through, would still be choked down by on board bottlenecking, still leaving it much less powerful than the overall architecture of the ps4.

    Note also.. that PS4 uses OpenGL on top of that hardware power, which even up against the new dx11.2 is yielding faster frame rates and more defined graphics.. (yes.. it even runs windows better than dx.)

    I honestly think though, they have got only those two choices.. go ahead with the laughing stock of a console they are currently advertising, or go back to the board, and relaunch with the console they should have brought to the competition.

    atm.. PS4 pre-order sales are above xb1 by over 700%.

    • 4 Things.

      1. Even with the 360 you could tell it to lower the clock speed for an older game. Think about backward’s compatibility.

      2. It looks like they are running the OS in a VM (Virtual Machine) so technically they could change hardware at any time. Raising base system memory won’t mean a thing to the programs running in a VM.

      3. Anybody who has never owned an AMD video card with VIVO has no idea what they are talking about when it comes to different chipsets and performance. The XBOX One Graphics card is already better than the PS4 as it is handling more data than just the graphics. It has also got to be fast enough to encode video while playing. I know people with computers that can’t handle FLAC less alone video, especially without dropping frames.

      4. Some of you newbies need to read about the difference between DDR3 and DDR5 and why latency is important. Especially if you have never owned a PC. Some people are talking like its a difference in Brands or a higher number. Both systems are using different methods to make sure they make full use of available bandwidth.

      • hm.. I think it is you reading the wrong sheets…while you are close on some points, you are off about the gpu differences. and 360 didn’t simply throttle speeds for “older” or “backwards compatible” , those were done on emulation, as best they could (which still made ports of halo and such play horribly).

        you know what, I’m just going to stop there, as it appears you know even less about both consoles in general and pc architecture.

        I do give classes on saturdays, noon to 2 at my shop for those interested in getting into building pc’s and the pc world in general. You are welcome to join.

        • Wow, you teach how to build PC’s? You must be smart. I know monkey’s that can build their own PC, this “skill” does not make you an expert.

          • no, it makes me money, and repeat customers, some eventually get their certifications and come back to get a job. That’s what I do, I foster growth in my community.

            go back to flinging your stools primate.

      • 2 Things:

        Re Point 3: the GPU in the PS4 is the stronger of the 2, not the other way around as you suggest. Even a bump up in clock speed isn’t going to make up the difference between them. Pretty much identical processing architecture, just 50% more of it for the PS4.

        Re Point 4: latency in actual terms is no different between the two RAM systems. GDDR5 has higher latency per clock cycle, but it operates at a higher frequency, essentially removing the difference in real time figures.

        Feel free to correct me if you believe this is wrong.

  11. If this rumour is true, I’m definitely buying an Xbox One, first.

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