An SLR Made with a 3D Printer? Yes, It is Possible

An SLR Made with a 3D Printer? Yes, It is Possible


The age of the 3D printer is upon us, and with it we are able to make quite a few unique things such as cases, snowboards and even gun parts. But what about a fully working SLR camera? Crazy you say? Nope, just a challenge.

French design student Leo Marius answered the call to that challenge recently by creating the “OpenReflex camera”. Even better than designing it, Marius made the porject open and has all the 3D files and instructions readily available for other DIYers to use.

So what’s involved here? Basically you’ll need a 3D printer capable of using ABS plastic, you’ll need a CNC tool, a few parts like screws and a small mirror. In total the project takes roughly 15 hours of printing and then another hour to put it all together.Certainly a cool idea, even if not everyone will have the tools (and printer) to get it done.

Source: Geek

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