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HTC One Mini And Max For AT&T

HTC just brought out their Butterfly S smartphone, an updated version of the original 1080p Butterfly handset. But everyone seems to be eager to know more about the upcoming HTC One Mini and One Max (codenamed T6). And AT&T is reportedly having plans to launch both the devices.

The HTC One Mini is believed to have the same looks as the flagship One, but with a smaller display size. Rumors suggest a 720P screen and a 1.4GHZ dual-core processor. And it will probably be missing the IR blaster available with the One. The device is expected to come out in August, but no hints whether it will be available on AT&T’s 4G LTE network at the same time. The carrier will certainly be hoping to be the first to offer it.

As for the One Max, the phablet version of the One is expected to sport a Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz quad-core CPU, a 5.9″ 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and an UltraPixel back-facing camera. The device is also said to be one of the first which will run the next version of Android. HTC will most probably introduce the device later this summer.

Are you excited about these devices heading to AT&T? Or do you prefer another carrier?




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  1. CDMA versions would be nice for Max One & Nexus 5 .

  2. I have the HTC One now, should have purchased it at the onset, but oh well. I would really like the HTC One Max screen size, BUT, I won’t go backto 16GB of storage, they really need to offer a 64GB version, even it’s just a developer edition.

  3. ​Reviewers don’t mention this but HTC has one feature which no other brands has​. It has auto fit to screen size feature when the font is enlarged. Even with the Samsung Galaxy S4 when one increases the font, it goes past the screen size. To read, you would have to scroll to the right, scroll back to the left, scroll down…. so annoying.
    The problem in Malaysia is HTC’s after sales service is horrible. Their 3 days service can take weeks and they don’t have smartphones on loan.

  4. I was planning on leaving Sprint and going to AT&T when my contract is up in October anyways; This will be my new phone in all likelihood; unless it turns out that the Xperia ZU is better.

  5. htc One max shape better than samsung galaxy s4
    htc One max processor speed better than s4
    htc One max music speakers are also better than s4
    htc One max battery power is better than s4

    but i dont think about camera if it is ultra pixel, but i would say better not best camera

    • But aside from phones, HTC doesn’t really make anything. A small fish in a big sea of sharks waiting to die.

  6. I want the One Max….NOW!!!! On T-Mobile please :o)

  7. Don’t really care if Key Lime Pie is onboard, but I would like
    some assurance from HTC that the upgrade will made
    available at the time of release.
    Basically I just want the One Max now and not sometime
    during Q4.
    Even though Sony’s Zu & Samsung’s Note 3 will offer the same
    or similar processor, graphics & RAM. I feel HTC may have the
    edge because of physical dimension vs screen size, the most
    logical placement of its ‘2’ speakers and its quality non-slip
    I’m currently using the 6.1″ Huawei which is great for its low
    price. My only real issue with this large phone is its speed.
    1GB of RAM isn’t enough and even though 4G is only marginally
    faster than 3G where I live because of bandwidth saturation,
    this 3G device seems to take forever to connect with dropouts
    happening a little too frequently.
    At least all 3 of the new superphones should offer a fair degree
    of future proofing

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