Solar Powered Street Charge Stations in New York City (Hands-On Video)


solar-street-charge Solar Powered Street Charge Stations in New York City (Hands-On Video)

Today’s smartphones are certainly fun. All the fast processing, the apps and games, the high speed data, and the ability to take good snaps wherever we go; all that power in the palm of your hand. And then, the battery dies. But there’s good news for folks in New York City, they will be able to use solar-powered Street Charge stations starting this month, all thanks to AT&T and Goal Zero.

Designed by Pensa, each station has six USB connectors for iPhones and iPads, 30-pin and Lightning plugs, micro-USB for Android and Windows devices, and three female USB connectors. It has three 15-watt solar panels and a 168 watt-hour battery, and each of those cables can provide up to two amps of 5V power.

Street Charge will be launched at Fort Green Park on June 18th, and in the coming weeks will be available at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Coney Island, Riverside Park, Rockaways, Summerstage in Central Park, Randall’s Island, Governor’s Island, Union Square, and Hudson River Park.

So who’s up for some street charging? Check out the video and share your thoughts below.


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