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Could Blackberry Playbook Be Getting BB10.1 Support?

Interestingly enough, a new listing showing devices supported by Blackberry OS 10.1 has an unexpected entry: The Blackberry PlayBook.

You can go to the list by going to create or update an app in the Blackberry Vendor Portal and then you simply choose the supported version of Blackberry 10. A list will then show up, including the PlayBook.

So here’s the big question? DOES the PlayBook support BB10.1 or is this simply some kind of mistake? If it does support BB10.1, it could be in the form of a PlayBook 2, or simply an update for the older PlayBook. Or maybe even both?

We aren’t really sure what to make of this. While Blackberry didn’t exactly have a lot of luck in the tablet market, many of its problems had to do with the PlayBook OS not exactly having all the crucial apps needed right out the gate. Blackberry hasn’t clearly stated its plans for the tablet space going forward, but this could maybe be a sign that they aren’t done just yet.

Do you think it makes sense for Blackberry to roll out BB10.1 to the Playbook or even revive the line with a BB10.1-capable successor, or should the company solely focus on phones? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. They promised that so they have to release the BB10 for the Playbook too. Or at last they have to make the playbook able to run the BB10 apps. The redundancy is not an option now.

  2. Playbooks are supported on the Blackberry Server 10.1 at least. I set one up the other day.

  3. they have just done it to give them the option ,a few months ago the option was yes now it seems like no,this support just accommodates for the ever changing mind of rim

  4. I read in some blog recently that the 10.2 SDK supports the Playbook screen resolution. I “think” the issue is the amount of RAM. It is not the speed because the Q5 runs at 1.2. Supporting the Hub is probably memory intensive. My guess is that you will not have the ability to smoothly run 8 apps and the hub at once without performance issues. They may put a limit on number of apps that can run. Anyway, I think it will be part of 10.2 and it will happen.

  5. It may have to be a lite version, pb only has 1gb of ram :(

  6. Mario Anthony Serenko

    If they dont I gonna tell them to give me my money back

  7. garnerfretz@gmail.com

    I think this is a good strategic move. Reason. Test out the bb10 os on the current PlayBook. PlayBook owners would be ecstatic. They would gladly put up with any bugs. Bb could use the experience as a precursor to rolling out bbpb 2 – if they wanted. Better than introducing a new pb 2 with bb10 and then have it crater because of software problems.

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