How Much Will Xbox One and PS4 Cost? One Analyst Suggest $349 for PS4, $399 for Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4 are both now official, and so we now start turning our attention to the big questions: What kind of launch games will they have? What features haven’t they shown us yet? And probably most importantly, how much will these bad boys cost us?

For this latest question, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Patcher predicts that the PS4 will ring in at $349, with the Xbox One just a tad pricier at $399.

Why? The biggest reason centers around the bill of materials, which is estimated at $275 for the PS4 and Xbox One. Considering this, it seems easy to jump to the conclusion that the One will be a bit more expensive.

Of course that’s not including a bunch of factors that are much harder to gauge. First, the costs of an Xbox One and PS4 are in reality MUCH higher when you include other factors such as marketing, wages, R&D and so forth.

Then of course, the big boys like Microsoft and Sony always sell at a loss with the goal being to make the money back – and then some – through the sell of accessories, services, games and more.

So the answer to this question remains a mystery, but if we were to take a stab at it: I’d guess that both companies will attempt to keep pricing pretty similar this time around. Which console are your currently leaning towards, if any? Will price play a role in your decision, or as long as it isn’t a MASSIVE difference between the two (like say $150+), will you not care?

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  1. Earl Asplund says:

    As was seen today, Pachter is not that great an analyst.

  2. Sixx0r says:

    Getting the PS4. Cheaper, and I am kind of angry that you have to pay to play online on xbox. Here I come free stuff!

  3. arshagarbon says:

    Probably ps4 because i’m sick of paying to use my system online. in 2005 $60 a year made sense. Today it does not. My roku runs netflix for free, my blu-ray runs netflix for free. Xbox 360 does not run it for free and neither will XB1. So goodbye xbox, M$ you screwed up this time.

  4. lubba says:

    I will be purchasing the XB1.
    1. The possibility of Killer Instinct.
    2. My main entertainment center.
    3. Kinect (its bogus complaining privacy issues. Google does it 24/7)

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