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Lenovo Planning on Bringing Its Smartphones to the U.S.


Lenovo is known for some very high quality tablets, notebooks and desktop machines. But did you know they also have a line of very capable smartphones? Unfortunately, they currently keep their phone efforts strictly to China and a few of its surrounding neighbors. The good news is this could be changing in the near future.

According to Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanging, the company hopes to bring its smartphones to the US market within a year. Lenovo sees expanding its smartphone presence a major step forward.

As the PC market continues to decline, the mobile market is an important opportunity for all companies that currently rely primarily on the notebooks/desktop market. But can they break into the mobile market in a big way? Right now Lenovo is already the second-biggest smartphone maker in China, and with ultra-powerful smartphones like the Intel-powered K900, I’d say they have the potential to take their current home-market success and apply it globally.

What do you think, would you like to see Lenovo bring its phones to a market near you? Will the company be able to take on bigger plays like Samsung, Apple, Sony and HTC?

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  1. I purchased a Lenovo laptop model priced from the low end. I’m amazed that it runs all my Adobe and Autodesk software so easily. It was just a laptop I needed to access the web. It’s been so much more. Thanks Lenovo.

  2. LENOVO makes best laptops. have had mine for almost a year and its still flawless. I dont like the samsung galaxy phones. they look cheap and plasticky and everyone has one I would buy lenovo phone anyday

  3. Bring it on! More competition never hurt the consumer.

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