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Sony PS4 versus the Xbox One: How do they compare?

Xbox One

On Tuesday, Microsoft revealed to the world its latest gaming system, the Xbox One. While we currently only know a limited amount of information about the PS4 and X-One, that doesn’t stop instant comparisons between the two consoles that will compete for your living room later this year.

It is too early to have a true “Versus” article, as too much is unknown. We can however take a deeper look at the currently known hardware and features to help you better decide which system you believe is right for you.

So let’s jump right in:

The Hardware specs

Honestly, the hardware between the Xbox One and Sony PS4 seem rather comparable, at least based on what we currently know. Both run on 8-core x86 processors, with Sony’s PS4 confirmed to have an AMD Jaguar chip. Both systems also have Blu-ray optical drives.

The PS4 does one-up the Xbox One when it comes to RAM, though. Both have 8GB, but the Playstation 4 equips GDDR5 RAM, as opposed to the X-One’s DDR3. Will this make a noticeable “real world” difference? Maybe, maybe not.

As far as the HDD is concerned, we only know the Xbox One will have 500GB of storage space. No word on the PS4 yet. It’s also worth noting that Xbox One will REQUIRE all your discs to be copied over to the drive. This is nice because you can simply store away the game disc. It’s also annoying because it makes lending and selling games harder (though there will still be a way..).

Motion Control

Both the PS4 and Xbox One make next-gen motion technology a major part of the console experience, they just go about it in very different ways.

For the Xbox One, you get the next-gen Kinect that can recognize heartbeats, tons of different joints and has extremely accurate voice control technology (or so the demo leads us to believe).

As for the PS4? It ships with a new Playstation Eye that will work with the DualShock 4 controller to allow special tracking and motion features.

Which method is better? Honestly, that depends on your own tastes.

The Cloud and Multiplayer

Next-gen game consoles are going to rely on net connectivity more than ever. In fact, Microsoft’s Xbox One REQUIRES a connection to the net. That said, it does have an offline mode for those times when your net is down for whatever reason.

Both systems will also promote features like cloud saving and syncing. This should also mean that it will be easy to pull up your profile and saves on your friend’s game systems.

As for the online experience, Xbox will continue evolving its Xbox Live and plans to boost its servers from 15,000 to 300,000 by the time its next system launches!

Sony also wishes to continue adding abilities to its own online network, though it will likely continue down the “free to use” model, as opposed to Xbox Live’s charge model.

Second Screen Experience

Almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet these days, at least that is the case for the folks willing to drop big money on a game console from day one. That’s why both consoles will work nicely with mobile devices for controlling some aspects of the menu – or even some games. This is particularly true when it comes to using the PS Vita as a controller on the PS4.


Both consoles have USB 3.0 technology.

The Xbox One, however, seems to ditch RCA components and goes with just an HDMI input and output. The PS4 will still have RCA and optical, though.

Additionally, both consoles will fully support 4K TV signals.

The Big Differences

While we likely don’t have the “full picture” of features for the PS4 or Xbox One – we can tell you that there are a few areas of direction where each system seems to be focused.

PS4 – Social Aspects

For the PS4, there is a dedicated share button on the controller. You can send snippets of recorded video straight to a friend and even invite them to watch your game, or even perhaps participate in it in some minor way (that includes singleplayer games from the sounds of it).

There are likely other big features that we will learn about at E3.

Xbox One – TV Integration

The Xbox One is clearly aimed at bringing TV and the Xbox One together. In their demo, Microsoft showed off how its next-gen system could quickly bring up TV and even change channels, all from the Xbox interface (using HDMI tech).

Even more exciting, the system could change channels through voice. Saying “Switch to MTV” would switch to MTV, for example.

Additionally, the Xbox One has “snap mode”. This makes it easy to multi-task by running more than one app at the same time. Sony’s PS4 also has some of these abilities, but the big difference is that the X-One will also bring this experience to the TV – allowing you to watch a show all while browsing the net in a snapped box on the side of your TV screen.

Backwards Compatibility

Unfortunately backwards compatibility is all-but dead with both consoles. The Xbox One won’t work with Xbox Live arcade titles or Xbox 360 content. The same pretty much goes for the PS4 in regards to the PS3.


I don’t want to compare gaming announcements too much right now. Why? Because we really won’t see the whole picture until E3. Sony’s reveal event showed tons of exclusives and special titles.

For the Xbox One event, we were mostly shown off the console and its TV integration features. We do know games like Forza 5 will be a launch title, and the company has promised 15 Xbox One exclusives will be shown at E3.

Really, expect much of the same kinds of games as seen in the last-gen for the two consoles. So if you currently prefer PS3 exclusives – you’ll probably feel the same about the PS4. And same goes for Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

And the winner is….

Again, I’m not talking winners or losers here. Partially because Microsoft or Sony could give us extra “OMG that’s freaking awesome” features at E3 that could change everything. Second, because console preferences play a HUGE part here.

So instead of Mobile Magazine giving out a verdict, it’s up to you, the readers. Which console do you think looks better and why?



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  1. SearchingCurious

    You have to pay to play on online when it comes to the PS4 as well.

  2. Idk but there’s a video of Sony comfirming you must have ps+ to play online , the video is on IGN. If u don’t believe me

  3. PS4 for the games and the fact that online play will likely remain FREE while you will still have to pay for xbox live

  4. Personally I feel the upper hand is totally in favor of the xbox. It’s got tones of interactive features that Sony can ony dream of (or working would either have to buy up or lease from companies such as voice recognition just for starters). Lots of negative press by lame media outlets about the xbox one, but it’s clear that they are just beating a drum, nothing more. As for companies going under, yes, gamestop and others will likely sink. Reality is that Apple has done this a while ago so why the shellshock?
    As for pirating warez on xbox.. It will happen,since it has existed for every game console ever made by ANY company.

    Swallow your vallium and take a breath. The only disappointing thing about xbox one is no amplifier to truly integrate your tv and game Centre. This actually is where Sony has the technology and could integrate in to their game box.

  5. Personally, people need to just calm down considering we don’t know everything about this. PS3 fanboys will say “Oh everything for the xbox one is announced and it will suck” well not everything has been announced so STFU.

    • actually the only thing a true console player cares about has been announced. so the only one that will be beating a drum is Microsoft. as they watch their drm box go down in flames.

  6. Until I see the games, I’m withholding judgement. I have a feeling I’m sticking with my 360 for at least the next year or so.

  7. I want both for the games. Well the exclusives and Need for Speed, everything else I’ll just build a PC for.

  8. PS4 has gddr5 ram not ddr5 . As far as both consoles go, i am looking forward to PS4 because you don’t have to connect to the internet to play games offline. While used games are kind of an issue, the only thing i am concerned with is being able to play games offline in singleplayer. With Xbox One you may have to connect once a day to play games offline. For me, that is a big turn-off. What if I don’t want to sign up for Xbox live? I do like the Xbox One controller design though. I will be getting a PS4. As far as Xbox One goes, I am still undecided at the moment.

    • Who said you don’t have to be connected with the PS4? Why did they buy a streaming based company if they weren’t going to try to push online.You are probably gonna pay 399 to 499 just to play games offline. Doesn’t sound like a sweet deal to me. If you get any console it should be used to its full potential or it was just a waste of money regardless.

      • Sony already conformed that they will not require an online connection to use the PS4, they just reccommend that you do connect it to the internet for a richer experience.

        • Sounds like what Microsoft is saying about the One. Right now it’s every 24 hours is the new statement will see if that changes at E3. Sony will not make any money on this console again. If the Xbox One isn’t boycotted then Sony will lose down the road. Trust me they will implement PlayStation plus with its console in order to survive. The real question is whether or not their fan base supports their online fee just to DVR games.

          • Sounds like you are using damage control. I’m sorry but I don’t think core or casuals who like to know that they HAVE to be connected online, along with that kinect, which is always listening and is on. How do we know it’s always on? “xbox, on.” always on, always kinected, strict publishing, all games installed to a small 500Gb hard drive, not interchangeable. Not in my home.

          • I must be deaf because I could have swore I heard that the new PS eye will come with every ps4. You don’t hear any complaints about that because Sony had been very quiet about it. Listen when it’s time for Sony to answer some these questions Microsoft is answering now. Then we’ll see how loyal their fans will be when they realize every where they turn it’s the same scenario. Talk about privacy there is no more privacy if you think that then you’re not living in the same world. I can google map your address and see to your doorstep you think the government has not already gone beyond that. If you have a smart phone or PC or anything else that’s been connected you don’t have privacy. Hell just try to google yourself and see what happens.

          • Sony has already said that the camera is not needed to work. And you act like buying an external is no big deal well when you have a big box thesize of tthe xbox one, last thing you would want is more space being taken up by another brick. And about privacy, I am a very social in the net. I’m not talking about myself, but most people care. Also, the ps4 doesn’t need to be connected, used games aren’t blocked, the specs are better, they put gamers first. Maybe you should stop being a fan boy and read up on things before you try to comment with speculation and accusations that has already been addressed.

          • Dude speak for yourself. What are you the spokesperson for the rebels without a cause society? Listen I get it you don’t like the Xbox. Fine don’t buy it but don’t sit up and try to convince people with your ridiculous remarks. You’re the only fanboy here because I’m getting both systems the ps4 for the bedroom and the Xbox for the living room where it belongs. You however can go piss and moan all you want but you have no case here because E3 has not come and gone yet. Stay tuned so you find other reasons to hate the Xbox at E3 because no matter what you seem dead set on being against an American made product that’s going to sale regardless of your opinion. You obviously need to catch up with the times stating that you’re not social on the net and responding to articles’ is a little contradicting. Maybe you need to reevaluate your existence in this society.

          • There you go with more accusations. You thinking I’m against the xbox one because it’s an American made product? Do you know how stupid that sounds? And what did I say that was ridiculous? Everything I said was true. I own both the playstation 3 and xbox 360. You’re calling me a fan boy because I like to catch people bullshit. If anything, I am informing people on what they are buying. If you don’t want people to know this, maybe you should check yourself before you start to insult. I am speaking as a gamer. Xbox one seems to be an entertainment system that happens to play games.

          • Either there’s a serious language barrier here or you’re not understanding what I’m saying. I was addressing you in the same manner you were addressing me. I didn’t say you hated it because it was American made. Being American made gives it that extra boost here in America so it will sell regardless. You may think you’re cunning but putting words in peoples mouths is plain childish. If you were a true gamer you’d wait till after E3 where the Xbox’s games will be showcased the whole event which is genius considering the Xbox competition will be about games. If Microsoft beats Sony at its own game what then there’s nothing else for Sony to fall back on is what in saying. Im upset a little with both companies but I do recognize the truth behind why they are doing what they are doing but it hurts all of us gamers. I don’t even like conversations like this because it puts gamers against each other in unhealthy competition. All I am saying to these premature articles being written is wait till after E3 to reserve judgment.

          • i love the xbox. xbox is done if they follow through with these plans. me and just about everyone of my friends have an xbox . i have about 25 30 of them in agreement, if whatever the hell they have been saying about blocking used games. once a day requirement to the internet and whatever else they have no idea about does happen. we will not be getting the xbox one. it doesn’t matter if they have the holy grail of games. because we will not be buying it. we will not be told what we can and can not do with our purchases. we will not be watched by an all seeing eye. but i hope Microsoft changes their ways cause i love my xbox a lot.

          • That’s fine. Their are a lot of people like myself also who don’t buy used games for neither my PS3 nor Xbox 360 because they support the developers to ensure gaming has a future. Their are people like myself who’s Xbox stay’s online and when the internet goes out I watch a movie or whatever else there is to do at the time. My point is there are different preferences for different people. If ps4 stills looks promising after E3 then I’ll get one of them also and guest what it will still be online. How else will you connect for multiplayer and chatting with your friends. Most gamers have been online for over a decade. Why else would you buy any console that has online features and not use them unless internet was not available then that narrows your choices for those in that situation. Most Americans stay online and that’s a given.

          • The ps4 blocks used games as well

          • “American made” rofl, most of the parts that make up that box will come from Asia, what planet are you from!?!

          • Let me put it to you this way. American company, american idea equals american made. Dont matter where the parts are from. How many companies you know uses its own unlimited resources? Seem like to me dude youre living out of this world. By the way this is an old conversation we’ve all practically moved on maybe you should too.

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