Terrafugia’s TF-X Plug-In Hybrid Flying Car (Video)

What you see above could help you to escape from big traffic jams in the future. It’s a plug-In hybrid flying car from Terrafugia, the makers of the Transition car-airplane. It will be called the TF-X and the team is currently conducting a feasibility study for the carplane (or whatever you want to call it).

Not many details are currently available for the TF-X, which will improve on the Transition’s basic design. Terrafugia is only saying that it’s a four seater, and will feature fly-by-wire controls and “the state-of-the-art in intelligent systems”. It will also be capable of Vertical Take-Off and Landing like a helicopter. And of course you can drive it like a car, although it’s expected to be more like an airplane than automobile.

The TF-X is not going to come out of its animated land anytime soon. The Transition itself is not expected to hit production this year. And of course you will need big pockets if you are planning to fly around in either of them. The Transition’s price tag is $279,000. That’s if they ever become a real product, which is a really big IF.

Check out the video below followed by a gallery showing computer-generated images of the TF-X.


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  1. Christopher Cotton says:

    would be amazing but I dont expect something like this for another 20 years minimum. First we need to figure out automated driving, THEN and only THEN can we take things like this and make them a reality through automated driving/flying to the destination. Land near your area and it then drives the rest of the way sort of thing.

    Honestly probably wont happen for another 30 years tho which is depressing.

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