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Nokia Lumia 521 From Walmart For $130, But Sold Out Already

The Home Shopping Network started offering the Nokia Lumia 521 on T-Mobile last week and it’s currently being listed as sold out, although they resupplied the stock once. That’s not surprising as their $149.95 deal certainly makes the Windows Phone 8 handset one of the best budget phones out there. But Walmart has come out with an even sweeter deal.

The 521 is available on the Walmart website with a price tag of $129.88 without contract. But this deal does not seem to involve any free accessories, such as the car charger and screen protector available from HSN. But, unsurprisingly, the device is out of stock almost immediately, although it is available in some of its stores.

Just to remind you, the 4-inch 521 features a 5MP cam, HD video recording, 8GB storage (expandable up to 64GB), 512MB RAM, 1GHz dual-core processor, and it supports 4G (but no LTE).

Those are quite decent specs for the very low price. If you are planning to switch to Windows Phone over a more established iOS or Android, then this is the deal for you. But we are not sure when Walmart will have the handset back in stock again. We will keep you updated, so stay tuned to Mobilemag.




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  1. Just another ‘out of stock’. What else is Walmart good for?

  2. Associating your brand name with Walmart devalues your product line.

  3. it will be available to Walmart and Microsoft Store on May 11th, 2013

  4. What’s the deal with the Lumia 521 selling out almost immediately at every store? What’s the point in releasing the phone in minuscule numbers? Nokia should make millions available!

  5. This phone crushes Androids up to $200.

    Windows Phone 8 may finally be on its way toward becoming a player.

    • opteron opteron

      Before November 2012, Windows Phone had 2% market share in Sourth Africa. By the end of March 2013, it had 10% market share even before the introduction of Lumia 520 & 720!!!!
      Guess what? Android is going to feel the heat very soon. In Mexico WP already has more than 20% market share. Had 0% in 2011!!!

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