Latest Microsoft Windows Phone Commercial Pokes Fun of Samsung-Apple War


Regardless of what mobile platform you currently use, you are likely well aware of the major rivalry between iPhone users and Android users – or more specifically, Samsung users. With that in mind, Microsoft’s latest commercial takes a humorous look at the war and weighs in with its own comment about switching to Windows Phone instead.

Whether or not you like Windows Phone, it is admitedly a fun commercial. Does it do much to truly promote Windows though? Honestly, not really. The commercial really doesn’t focus on the phone’s features at all, instead it just has two waiters using Lumia handsets talking about how Android and iOS fans like to fight.

What do you think of Microsoft’s latest marketing attempt for Windows Phone 8? Effective, humorous? Or totally missed the mark? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Tojen1981 says:

    Its pretty funny actually, but I don’t see how the windows phone is supposed to be better.

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