Blackberry 10.1 Beta Arrives to Developers, Brings Several New Features

Blackberry 10.1 Beta Arrives to Developers, Brings Several New Features



Blackberry 10 is still very much a new OS, but that’s not stopping the company from working hard to improving what they’ve brought to the table. Blackberry 10.1 has now arrived as a Beta for developers, bringing with it quite a few improvements.

Thanks to the efforts of CrackBerry quite a few of the changes have already been documented, though there still might be surprise features that arrive when 10.1 actually starts rolling out to users.

One of the more interesting features is the addition of HDR photography capabilities, which exists on other platforms already and is very useful. It essentially combines one underexposed shot, one shot with normal exposure and one overexposed shot to create photos with the best lighting possible.

Other updates in BB10.1 include PIN-to-PIN messaging through Blackberry Hub, a new way to more easily check for BlackBerry World updates, the ability to paste phone numbers into dialpad and much more.
For a full list of everything currently known to be heading to the first major update to Blackberry 10, head on over to CrackBerry.

Do you own a new BB10 device? What do you think of the experience so far? How does it compare to older Blackberry devices or even how it compares to rivals running Windows Phone, Android or iOS?

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