Windows 8.1 could let PC’s boot directly to desktop

twitter-windows-8-650x0-640x353 Windows 8.1 could let PC's boot directly to desktop

Source code found in a recent build of Windows 8.1 might hint at a new boot up option for the latest Windows update. Currently Windows 8 users are forced to boot to the tiled menu screen before heading to the desktop to get some actual work done. On a touch screen device this isn’t really an issue, but if you are using a track pad or mouse it’s an unnecessary extra step.

leaked-win8-1-code_microsoft-portal-625x1000 Windows 8.1 could let PC's boot directly to desktop

Russian site Windows Portal claims that code they have found might allow users to jump directly into the desktop in Windows 8.1. Those browsing through the code say that “twinui.dll” can be disabled and reactivated depending on which screen you wish to start from.

Already current users of Windows 8 are excited by this prospect, and those currently on Windows 7 have said they would be more likely to update if this feature is included in 8.1.

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