Custom Diamond Encrusted iPhone 5 Valued at Around $15 Million


Do you feel that your iPhone 5 just isn’t fancy enough for you? Don’t worry, there is a cure for that. You could always spend $15 million to have diamonds adorn the entirety of the phone, even going so far as to replace the home button with a giant 26 carat black diamond.

If that sounds crazy, well it actually has happened. Apparently a Hong Kong businessman commissioned the project to turn his phone into diamond-bedazzled work of art. Beyond the 26 carat black diamond, there are also 600 white diamonds on the phone, with the entire ‘design’ being made by British Designer Stuart Hughes.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable carrying a $15 million dollar phone around in my pocket. Maybe that’s just me. Still, you have to admit that it certainly looks pretty damn stunning, if not a little too gaudy.

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