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Verizon Adds New Prepaid Plan for Feature Phones, $35 for 500 Minutes and Unlimited Text/Web


While more and more consumers are making the switch to smartphones, not everyone needs a smartphone – especially for those that keep separate business and personal cellphones. With that in mind, Verizon has now introduced a brand new prepaid cellular plan for basic phones that costs just $35 a month.

The new $35 plan joins the company’s existing $50 unlimited plan, this time offering 500 minutes of talk alongside unlimited text and mobile web. Twhile this might not be for everyone, it’s not a bad deal for feature phone users that don’t do tons of talking or again are just look for a secondary cellular phone line.

If we were being honest though, there are probably other much more affordable prepaid plans out there both for feature phones and smartphones such as Straight Talk’s $45 for unlimited talk, text and web for any phone not just feature devices.

Of course with Verizon you do get one of (if not THE) strongest cellular networks in the United States. What do you think, is Verizon’s coverage worth paying $35 a month or are you better off elsewhere if you plan on going the prepaid route?

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  1. For all my actual disputes with Verizon, and I have had many, they are the best at providing phone coverage. I’d dump them if I could but phone coverage is essential in my work and in my personal life. If you can do with anyone else for coverage, you have my congrats and my envy.

    • If having a reliable phone signal at all times is that important to you, then I feel sorry for you. I actually enjoy it when my phone sometimes doesn’t work. Life is too short to worry about a stupid phone signal.

      • Thank you for taking the time to reply and your empathy. The good news is you need not feel sorry for me. I am a nurse practitioner who must take after hours call. As to “enjoying when the phone doesn’t work, to paraphrase your comment, I always get a phone with an Off switch and use it regularly.
        Best wishes to you and yours…

        • Though I have and love my Sprint coverage where I am did you try, as a back up, the Google voice number using WiFi. I am in area code 33462 in S.E. FL and it seems the 2 main towers cover the major carriers including 4G. NY rarely these days but again Sprint covers that well and for very bad indoor signals (Concrete walls and rollup shutters Sprint has the AirRave mini tower in the house that saves me inside it connects to my router and works great.

      • ok, so you aren’t important and no one calls you. what about those of us who travel for work and do important stuff instead of sitting in a cubical and looking at facebook all day?

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