Burner Disposable Phone Number App Finally Comes to Android


burnerandroidapp Burner Disposable Phone Number App Finally Comes to Android

Way back in August of last year we reported on a then-new app called Burner, which essentially allowed you to create disposable numbers for your iPhone for those situations when you need to give out a number but don’t want it to be a permanent way for someone to contact you. Now the app is finally coming to the Android world as well.

Like the iOS dversion, the app works for U.S. Smartphone owners and has a variety of different plans that determine how many minutes or texts you can use through the burner service. It is also worth noting that the Burner app is getting an iOS update as well, which is expected to add smarter notifications and an easier way to track conversations.

So why would you ever want a service like this? There are times when you need to give out numbers to strangers, but really don’t feel comfortable giving your main number making “Burner” the perfect alternative. Craigslist and newspaper ads certainly come to mind, though there are probably other circumstances as well.

What do you think of the Burner app, interested in giving it a go or not?

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