Virgin Mobile Trying To Attract T-Mobile Customers With $100 Prepaid Credit Offer And A Creepy Ad

virgin mobile

It’s a no-brainer” according to an ad by Virgin Mobile to promote their campaign that is aimed at T-Mobile prepaid customers. The Sprint-owned MVNO is offering $100 in unlimited-plan credit to customers willing to switch their phone number from T-Mobile to Virgin Mobile.

As you can see below, the numbers are certainly attractive. If you make a switch before May 31st you will save a total of $334 in two years and that includes the $100 credit. There is a $55 per month plan for unlimited data (3G speed after 2.5GB, while T-Mobile offers 2G after that limit), messaging and talk service.

That plan costs $5 less than what T-Mobile is currently asking for its monthly package, but don’t forget the speed difference between Virgin Mobile’s EV-DO / WiMAX service and T-Mobile’s speedier HSPA+ / LTE.

Check out the creepy ad below, completely if possible, and tell us what you think about it. And are you planning to make that switch?


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