Daily Deals: ThinkGeek Offering Free Shipping and Free Shirt

There are all kinds of wonderfully geek products at ThinkGeek, from NES-themed pillow sets to lightsaber-themed umbrellas. If you’ve been eyeing some gear at ThinkGeek, now might be a good time to buy, because they’re offering both free shipping and a free shirt with your order.

There is a catch, of course, but it’s all quite par for the online shopping course. To take advantage of free shipping with ThinkGeek, you’ll need to place a minimum order of $25. If you do that and enter FIREFLOWER in the coupon code area, then you’ll get free shipping to the contiguous United States. They haven’t said when this offer is expiring aside from saying it’ll expire “soon.” You cannot stack coupons on top of this.

The other offer is the free t-shirt at ThinkGeek. To get the free Legend of Penny t-shirt, you’ll need to place a minimum order of $40. That’s really not that much more than the $25 you’ll already be spending to get the free shipping, so you might as well do it. And yes, this will still qualify for the free shipping. You just have to enter the same FIREFLOWER promo code. Just bear in mind that the Legend of Penny shirt will only be offered “while supplies last.”

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