Full Range of Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Unveiled

galaxy s4 scale

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is more than just the new flagship phone from Sammy, it’s also the first major push by manufacturer to get their mobile phone in to each and every aspect of your daily life.

For this the S4 is going to need some accessories and it appears a full list along with pricing has been uncovered. Among the accessories include mundane things like additional batteries and flip covers, but there are some more interesting accessories such as the $129.99 Body Scale, $99.99 Game Pad and $129.99 S Band for monitoring your heart.

We can’t wait to see how these, and other, accessories will be used by app developers and can already see a whole new genre of fitness app will be on the horizon for S4 users. What do you think of the Galaxy S4, excited or not?

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  1. Jan says:

    no, I’m waiting for the Nexus 5

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