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The Sony Xperia Z may have recovered from it's random death bug, but now a security bug has surfaced that makes it easy to get past the lockscreen.

Sony Xperia Z Bug Makes it Easy to Get Past the Lock Screen

Xperia Z

Sony have recently rolled out an update to fix a problem with the Xperia Z which had the phone randomly dying and requiring a hard reboot. Now, that problem is fixed Sony’s programmers can now sit down and fix a new and rather serious security flaw.

A new vulnerability on the Sony Xperia Z allows anyone to get access to the home screen, apps, contacts and accounts by keying in the USSD code *#*#7378423#*#*. The hack can be seen in action in the video below and demonstrates just how serious this could be for anyone who leaves their phone unguarded in the presence of a tech savvy Android fan (not likely we know).

We’re waiting to hear what Sony plans to do, but expect another update (and possibly a new bug) for the flagship Xperia Z soon. Is this really a big deal? As long as you keep your phone by your side, probably not. That said, it certainly could be if your phone is lost or stolen.

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