HTC Launches Desire Q and P Smartphones in China

htc desire q china

htc-desire-q-china HTC Launches Desire Q and P Smartphones in China

HTC has been watching the popularity of smartphones in China very closely, and we can expect to see a number of low cost, Chinese-only Android phones from the Taiwanese phone maker over the coming year.

The first to launch are the HTC Desire Q and P, both of which are dual-core smartphones with 1GB RAM, 8 mega-pixel cameras, SD card readers and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The major difference between the two phones is that the Q offers users a low-cost 4-inch display, while the P has a larger 4.2-inch WVGA panel and a price tag of $365.

We honestly don’t think many Chinese phone fans will be too excited about the Desire Q and P, as local phone makers are producing quad-core , Full 1080, Android 4.2 handsets with 13 mega-pixel cameras for just $160. What do you think of these two ‘budget’ handsets?

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