Signal Snowboards Creates First 3D Printed Snowboard

signal snowboard 3d printed snowboard

3D printers are an amazing concept. One which has allowed individuals and companies to create unique one of a kind pieces and stunning prototypes which would have been to expensive to make in the past.

The latest 3D printed masterpiece is this Signal designed snowboard. The board was created in parts and assembled like a puzzle with reinforced steel strips to hold everything together to keep the board from breaking.

The one of a kind board has been fully tested and is rideable even in the deepest of snow thanks to it’s special wide nose design. Testers have commented that the prototype is a little on the slow side though, and due to printing limitations don’t expect 3D printed boards to go mainstream anytime soon. Still it is just another way of showing that this is plenty of untapped potential for 3D Printers.

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  1. onjoFilms says:

    It’s the future. Hacks of every field will be trading and improving designs.
    Just like one used to have to go down to the local print shop the get a 8 x 10 color print, so will there be shops where you get your 3D stuff printed.
    Even when the cost comes down you can have a printer (this is commercial grade) in your home, there will still be shops that will do the technical print outs.

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