Sony Announces Fix for Bug that Shutdowns the Xperia Z

sony-xperia-z Sony Announces Fix for Bug that Shutdowns the Xperia Z

A number of unlucky Sony Xperia Z phone owners have been struck with a problematic bug which apparently kills the new phone for no apparent reason. While some owners report that resetting their phone fixes the issue, others haven’t been so fortunate.

The issue has become such a problem that Sony have posted a statement saying that a fix is currently in the works and should roll out with the next Xperia Z update. Although it never looks good to have serious bugs like this surface, keep in mind it isn’t all that uncommon for flagship devices to have such problems. Think back to some of the iPhone 5 and Lumia 920’s problems, for example.

Have you suffered from this problem, if so did you resolve it and how? Is this a deal-breaker or do you still love your Xperia Z as long as Sony gets the bug fixed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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